Come April, You've GOT to Take the Mercury Sable Off Your List!

come april youve got to take the mercury sable off your list

Thanks to some hard-nosed detective work by Edmunds’ Inside Line, Ford has confirmed that the Mercury Sable (now, as always, a twin of the Ford Taurus) will be ending production in April. As a likely April Fool’s joke, Ford may announce on April 1 that the Sable is being replaced with something not boring. In other, equally important news, GM has confirmed that all cupholders will grow in size by approximately 0.01 millimeters, and Audi announced that the popular A4 sedan will probably be available in “some colors” next year. I have fond memories of riding in the rear-facing seats of a Sable wagon as a kid, but that’s only because years of therapy have suppressed the memories of being terribly nauseous back there. All joking aside, dont tell anyone, but I do like the current Sable.

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  • Verbal Verbal on Dec 05, 2008

    @P71_CrownVic: Did you get booted from BON again?

  • Nick Nick on Dec 05, 2008

    geeber, similar drivetrains, but they did get different engines occasionally (see my comment on the 410cid FE above)

  • SCE to AUX The markups are only absurd if somebody pays them. Before that, they're just ink.
  • Statikboy Skipped over the Stinger?
  • Hasnain Needs more Telluride.Next time the series will return to Kia’s full-size offerings, as the company attempted to recover from the general flop which was the derivative Opirus. See you then. a pile of sheeite
  • Conundrum All that verbiage for a brake fluid reservoir cap that sorta kinda fails over time? That's all it is, right? The vent hole gets plugged up or something. Quelle horreur, it's the end of civilization as we know it. What happens when Micky D's doesn't put enough extra ketchup in your order at the take-out window? You must have an existential histrionic fit!Cue the cheapskate commenter: "Jeez. I drove my 1987 Corolla 734,562 miles, the last 83K with the emergency spare on the left rear, and it didn't even use up all the tread! Plus, I never had brake failure and it never used a drop of oil even though I used Walmart $1.88 stuff in a plastic gallon jug. I guess Toyota could teach those Ferrari guys sump'n about how to build cars!"
  • Skippity Noticeable as an Paseo. Maybe I'll see it differently live.