Wild Ass Rumor(s) Of The Day: Business As Usual Edition

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
wild ass rumor s of the day business as usual edition

These are indeed turbulent times in the automotive industry. With every new day comes a flood of bad news, and a fresh sense of ominous momentum. As we continue to serve up hefty sides of bailout beef, we thought we’d offer up a quick, palate-cleansing taste of the non-bailout, non-industry-implosion gossip going ’round the net. And you’ll never believe what insiders have to say about the Toyobaru coupe pregnancy scare!

Tabloid sweetheart, the Toyobaru coupe tops todays scuttlebut. Despite having already been dubbed several Brangelina-esque nicknames by the motor press, we now hear that it will be sold in the US as the 2011 Scion tC. I still like Toyobaru. Let’s still call it that. Anyway, Carscoop has a rendering of what it probably won’t look like, but as they say, an RWD tC plus the iQ means Scion will be kicking ass in 2011. Or at least barely competing with Kia’s Soul and Koupe. OMG, I am such a bitch!

Speaking of bitchyness, we hear that the Lexus “dedicated” hybrid (whatever that means) will be bland and uninteresting. I mean, it’s the Lexus version of the new Prius… what did you expect? Pictures from Japanese buff book Mag-X surfaced at the VWVortex forums, and everyone’s falling asleep chattering away about it. Oh yeah, there’s also a pic in there of what they swear is the new Camry too. Looks like an Avalon with some Accord influences. Thrilling stuff!

Oh yeah, Motor Trend also thinks Toyota will bring a Prius coupe stateside. Unless it’s on the Toyobaru RWD platform, they can keep it. I’ll have the CR-Z, thanks.

Want a really manly car? That Nissan GTR is for pansies, so wait and save up for the GTR Spec V that eGMCartech says will be unveiled by the end of November. And it’s brilliant. In the sense that gaining 100 hp and losing 200 lbs means you’ll pay at least $153,625 for it. But you’ll be the fastest douchebag ’round the ‘ring… and best friends with Nissan marketing. Until Nissan brings out the GTR LM (Les Mans), anyway. Then you’ll just be another pansy in the second-best GTR out there.

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  • BlueBrat BlueBrat on Nov 12, 2008
    I’m beginning to think it’s Scion’s mission to create a car company where all the different model-owners hate one another. Wait, your saying they failed at their marketing goal?

  • JuniorMint JuniorMint on Nov 13, 2008
    Wait, your saying they failed at their marketing goal? You laugh at that commercial, but xB1 people really are like that. I can't tell you how many conversations I've had in parking lots with someone who started out with an identical xB but took it in a completely different direction than I did. The last one had the same tails, but different fogs and rims. Of couuuuuurse, the NEW xB is only driven by 50-somethings, who traded in the Explorer now that the kids are out of school...so there went that. If we really DO get the iQ, and the new tC doesn't bring in a whole pile of insane Subaru owners (think the tC crowd can't get any stupider? think again), we'll be just fine. but, all kidding aside, one more dog car could kill this brand.

  • Luke42 I charge at home whenever I can using a 220V outlet in my garage and a Tesla Mobile Charger.Charging at home is *much* cheaper than DCFCs, and also more convenient. DCFCs are just for roadtrips. Superchargers (and other DCFCs) cost about 3x charging at home, so they're only worth it if you're on a roadtrip.My local grid is also pretty clean -- MISO can be as much as 48% wind + nukes (both zero-emissions) on a good day. A typical day is 1/3rd zero-emissions, 1/3rd NG, and 1/3rd coal.Every EV owner who can charge at home does, because it's the best way to charge.
  • Inside Looking Out Solar energy. It is in abundance in California.
  • 28-Cars-Later Hydroelectric of course.
  • Spookiness I have the ugly 2010 model with old fashioned 4AT and is has been the best used car I've owned, and for the longest. Still quite solid at 150k. I keep my eyes open for a 2012+ MT, but they are hard to find. DCT, no way. It's a shame bc otherwise the car is good.
  • Chris P Bacon "One nice touch? When you shut the PHEV down, you get a charge-time estimate in the cluster, both for Level II and wall."So does my Wrangler 4xe. It's all Stellantis parts bin. The fact that so little was changed from the Tonale interior to the Hornet only points out how much Stellantis relies on common switchgear. I've driven a couple Stelvios (Stelvi?) and noticed the same thing as soon as I got in the car. I feel like this car stole the price point that the Tonale should've occupied. The only reason Alfa went all EV with the Tonale was to justify the higher price. They'll sell more units combined because of the Dodge branding. But it shouldn't be a Hornet. It's a Fugazi.