When Speed Camera Opponents Attack

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by The Newspaper

Fire and pickaxes were used to damage speed cameras in Italy and the Czech Republic this week. On Tuesday, a speed camera was set on fire on the Boulevard D’Annunzio near the Tuscan seaside resort town of Marina di Pisa. The profitable device has been issuing at least one hundred tickets per month over the last year and a half. Firefighters arrived on the scene quickly enough to extinguish the blaze before the camera was destroyed, according to a report in La Nazione. Vigilantes in Czech town of Moravske Budejovice attacked a Traffipax speed camera with a pickaxe. A video of the incident shows the device receiving five hits on the side, although photographs of the aftermath on autoforum.cz show additional hits to the front of the housing, including one to the camera lens. A group calling itself the “Crum Patch Team” took responsibility for the attack. Describing themselves as “polite and honest” people, the members issued a statement explaining how local politicians use photo enforcement for revenue, not safety, purposes. The group added that attempts to resolve the situation through the normal political process have failed.

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  • Wolven Wolven on Nov 23, 2008

    Hurray!! Let's hope it turns into a tidal wave SCAM bashings...

  • F1guyus F1guyus on Nov 23, 2008

    There's a British website that documents attacks on these little moneymakers. Don't have a link but you can google it. Apparently the attackers use small tires filled with gasoline and it's pretty effective.

  • Fisher72 Fisher72 on Nov 23, 2008

    I would think a good battery powered sawzall with proper long metal cutting blade would be effective.

  • Kps Kps on Nov 23, 2008

    fisher72, a sawzall might attract attention; a tiny jar of glass etching cream would work silently.