UK Speed Camera Escapes Fire Attack

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A Shropshire, UK speed camera escaped serious damage last week after a vigilante attempted to set it on fire. The Shropshire Star reports that “A tyre was placed on top of the camera in Dawley Road, Arleston, shortly after 4am and a blanket draped over the top. The arsonists then poured a full can of petrol over the top and set it on fire. Sub-officer Alan Wilson, of Wellington fire station, described it as a ‘deliberate attack.'” Ya think? The plan failed, however, when the fire burned upward without generating enough heat to damage the camera housing. “Fortunately for us [the local fire department], and for those who pay for them [the people caught by the camera?], it went upwards and didn’t damage the speed camera. We think it is still working.” Don’t let the English understatement fool you; Big Brother is mighty miffed. “We would appeal for anyone with information in relation to the incident to come forward.” And no wonder…

“Arsonists have attacked cameras in the area before.In 2005 the camera in Station Road, Ketley was left blackened by flames after being vandalised in an apparent arson attack and also daubed with red paint. Arsonists set light to the speed trap in Bennetts Bank, Wellington – Shropshire’s first permanent camera – during the same month. It was also targeted by a disgruntled motorist who sliced it in half with an industrial circular saw after it first went live.”

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  • Arapaima Arapaima on Oct 27, 2008

    Yes thermite would work, but I don't see how burning the things will get you support from the majority of citizens. Oh, and it also gives your movement association with criminal activities; which will come up in discussions on the issue.

  • John B John B on Oct 27, 2008

    Can of spray paint?

  • Blautens Blautens on Oct 27, 2008
    Can of spray paint? Better yet, paint ball guns! Or are those illegal in the UK?
  • 2ronnies1cup 2ronnies1cup on Jun 12, 2011

    Burning a camera out is maybe the act of someone who has been 'flashed' that day, and wishes to 'destroy the evidence' before the van comes to collect the film. A couple of years ago most of the cameras in my area got paintballed. Maybe someone in a local paintball team got ticketed? Just for informational purposes, there is a mechanism to lower the camera on the pole to allow changing the film. The mechanism is secured by a lock. A quick squirt of superglue, or even a wad of chewing gum is often to be found in there...