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In a “web exclusive,” Newsweek scribe Keith Naughton pens a post-mortem on ChryCo that could have been lifted whole from these very e-pages, right down to the headline (“Chrysler R.I.P“). Former ChryCo CEO Lee Iaccoca’s refusal to talk about his ex-employer’s looming extinction due to melancholy, apparently, is pretty much the only factoid of interest to TTACers. But there’s a forest-from-the-trees thing happening here. If Newsweek’s editors had placed Naughton’s eulogy on the mag’s front cover, the story would have broken-out of its financial press backwaters into the media mainstream. And that would be the final nail in Chrysler’s coffin. Lest we forget, Joe the Carbuyer is still unaware that purchasing a Chrysler product is akin to booking a steerage-class cabin on the Titanic. Which is wrong. Once again, a major media outlet is protecting its advertisers at the cost of its readers’ best interests. Someone should tell potential Chrysler buyers the obvious dangers they face. You know, other than little old us.

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9 Comments on “Newsweek Puts Chrysler Over the Tipping Point. Almost....”

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    Steven Lang

    Unfortunately, it’s little old us who will be paying big old them for all their stupid decisions.

    It’s really a shame. Chrysler used to have a very competitive line-up…. ten years ago. Today the only thing the public will eventually get are their pension costs.

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    I’d totally hit Jeep.

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    Saw a Dodge Caliber rolling along with it’s “Big Valley Dodge” dealer plates on it. Looked like it had just been purchased. And the people inside looked pretty happy. I thought:”They must not be aware of how close to death Chrysler is.” Very sad. Buying a new car is one of life’s finest moments.

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    Only uniformed buyer buy Chrysler products, so it is what it is.

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    Geo. Levecque

    Its certainly true that only people who dont read “Newspapers” or even listen to the odd commentary about what’s happening to Chrysler will hit them square on the forehead when Chrysler goes tits up! Such a pity really also to certain Car buffs telling people to purchase these products as they are good bye’s! Bye bye all!

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    I see nothing wrong with buying a Chrysler now.

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    My company just bought another Dodge Sprinter commercial van. If Chrysler goes under, we’ll get parts and service from Mercedes-Benz, which ships the parts to a Chrysler factory in South Carolina for assembly. The Sprinter is an excellent truck. As for Chrysler’s cars, who would want one? My company just bought our fourth Subaru Forester for the service department. The guys like the Foresters, which have been trouble-free.

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    Nothing wrong with buying a new Jeep right now, as long as you got it for a used price.

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    Agreed, if you’re not looking to sell it in the near future, or even far future. I’m a field tech, so pretty much drive my car into the ground going 3000 miles or more a month. so getting a Caliber for example wouldn’t be that bad a decision, especially if i can get one cheap.

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