Daily Podcast: How Far We've Come

daily podcast how far weve come

Sure, it was 1925. But do you ever see even slightly similar ads anymore?

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  • Gottleib Gottleib on Nov 26, 2008

    The ad on the left is showing one of the 13 ever produced Duesenberg models that was being built when the company was acquired by Cord. Following Cord's acquisition Duesenberg only built chassis that were then equipped with bodies custom built to the owners spec. Jay Leno's Garage featured one of these original 13 Duesenbergs on a its program. Not only were only 13 built, but very few survived.

  • Whatdoiknow1 Whatdoiknow1 on Nov 26, 2008

    Those Duesenberg engine were actually DOHC 4v inline 8s equiped with twin Stromberg carbs before they added the supercharger. These were some pretty advanced engines for their day. It is hard to image a world today were you would sit down with a designer and create your own unique car body and interior.

  • Johnster Not feelin' it. The traditional unreliability of turbo engines is a big turn-off, especially in a work truck that (I hope) you'd want to keep on the road for 200,000 miles or more without having major repairs.
  • ToolGuy Car audio is way overpriced.
  • Marty S The original Charger was a 2 door, as was the landmark 68 model. Its funny that some younger commenters are surprised that its not a four door. I never understood why modern Chargers have been four door sedans. I think the best looking Charger was the 68, absolutely perfect in its lines and proportions. This concept really emulates that and I think I think it looks great.
  • Master Baiter The D-bag elites like Al Gore demanding that we all switch to EVs are the type of people who don't actually drive. They get chauffeured around in black Yukon Denalis. Tesla does have a good charging network--maybe someday they will produce a car that doesn't suck.
  • MRF 95 T-Bird As a Challenger GT awd owner I lIke it’s heritage inspired styling a lot. There’s a lot of 66-67 as well as 68-70 Charger in there. It’s refreshing that it doesn’t look like a blob like Tesla, Volt/Bolt, Mach-e BMW I whatever etc. The fact that it’s a hatch makes it even better as a everyday driver thus eliminating the need for a CUV. If it’s well built and has a reliable track record I can see trading up to it in a few years.