Bailout Watch 225: Die Another Day?

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Detroit has had some time to get used to watching the hometown team lose. After the D3 Execs’ dismal performance in DC, most of the country feels confident that federal moolah won’t flood Motown, but for the Detroit dead-enders, hope springs eternal. And their congressional enablers are standing by to keep expectations wildly unrealistic. The Detroit Free Press, home of Detroit doom denial, is running a cruelly hope-inspiring story this morning in which Democrat congressional leaders raise the possibility of another attempt at bailout before the year is up. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) today “raised the prospect” of calling the Senate back into session in December, while Speaker of the House Steny Hoyer said it was “possible” that the House could come back in December as well. With a TARP raid off the table, Senators Carl Levin (D-MI) and Christopher Bond (R-MO) are working on a compromise bill which would accelerate the already-approved $25b retooling loans. There’s even a chance that such a compromise could be attached to an extension of unemployment bill which may call congress back after its Thanksgiving recess anyway. After Motown’s shameless display before the House Financial Services Committee over the last two days, we’d be pretty surprised to see this happen. But, y’know, whatever it takes to avoid facing reality.

Edward Niedermeyer
Edward Niedermeyer

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  • Brettc Brettc on Nov 20, 2008

    Halle can speak into my pocket microphone if she'd like.

  • MikeInCanada MikeInCanada on Nov 20, 2008

    I heard that Halle Berry is moving to Detroit and taking over GM. Is this true, because it would be awesome....and probably an improvement management wise.

  • Willman Willman on Nov 20, 2008

    C'mon TTAC, stop using the whole 'Die Another Day' footer to congressional restarts! -It's getting a little old. Look, next time you think of using it, remember Dr. No alright? -Just Live and Let Die, for cripes sakes. Those CEOs are going to roll the dice at Casino Royale whether you like it or not. --Give all your loyal readers a Quantum of Solace for a change. I know this whole meltdown is scaring The Living Daylights out of you, so you run back to Halle Berry because you think she's got an Octopussy or something. But remember, just because you write a car blog, it doesn't give you a Licence to Kill. --Yes, yes; you're all insider smartypantses who have a unique View to A Kill that you share with all of us who would otherwise never understand much of this traffic that seems to be For Your Eyes Only. And I understand that any foreign interest will not be coming From Russia, With Love, but probably from China as your melted servers can attest. I think we all agree that The Man With the Golden Gun does not yet exist among the management echelons of Detroit. The UAW’s Goldfinger is not that guy, btw. -And whether the real one, like a Ghosn gets there in time or not, we all know that probably the healthiest outcome is for the big 2.8 to go up in one big sub-nuclear Thunderball. So go ahead and keep writing these urgent posts as if you were On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, or something. -Hell, go watch the blowup from space in a Moonraker shuttle or something. Use the pretext of launching a new GoldenEye satellite to get yourselves up there. And while you’re at it, you could probably snag that really pricey sat from the 70’s and make a few million. Because, as long as they don’t burn up in the atmosphere coming back down, Diamonds Are, pretty much, Forever. I know you’re trying to kick out all these entries on a similar subject/theme because you really own the discussion in this category. And you’re knocking them out there like you’re on some type of domination quest like The World is Not Enough for you. ***But, the Pictures of Halle are great though, and aside from Marisa Miller; truthfully, I will always feel somewhere in my heart-of-hearts that Halle was The Spy Who Loved Me; -she just has that kind of warmth to her. +I’m not saying completely cut all the Bond stuff out either, because that would be like saying ‘Never’. We know how well that works out. =>Never say Never, okay. -Because if you do, you’ll only say it -again. It’s just that the whole ‘Die Another Day’ vibe feels so unending, so perpetual, like it’s part of a long drawn-out series. -When the truth is that you don’t get a ton of chances at some things in life; like D2.8 bailouts, certain girlfriends, etc. It’s much fewer than that; -more along the lines of: You Only Live Twice. So that’s my bit of crit, thanks for reading. The internet and your readers will still be there in the future, okay? -Tomorrow Never Dies; okay? -Good.

  • Kman Kman on Nov 22, 2008

    @willman: [applause] [applause] bravo! [clap] [clap]