Bailout Watch 181: Republicans Ready to Torpedo GM Bailout. Or Not.

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
bailout watch 181 republicans ready to torpedo gm bailout or not

“A leading Democrat, Senate Banking Chairman Christopher Dodd of Connecticut, said he knows of no Republicans who would vote for a $25 billion auto rescue package. He added he was ‘not inclined’ to move a bill without bipartisan support, pointing out that prominent Republicans have publicly opposed the measure.” And there you have it, via The Wall Street Journal. Then again, maybe not. We know from Dodd’s profession (politician) and his connections to the mortgage industry (which his committee oversees) that the Senator’s “inclinations” are not inviolate. So perhaps the fact that House Minority Leader John Boehner called the bailout ‘neither fair to taxpayers nor sound fiscal policy’ is more germane. That’s rep Boehner of Ohio folks. “And what assurances will Democrats give taxpayers about their chances of getting their auto bailout money back?” Boehner asks in a prepared statement. While I’d like to think that the republicans have had a sudden bout of common sense and rededicated themselves to fiscal responsibility, this sounds like nothing more than pre-horse-trading political posturing to me.

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  • Windswords Windswords on Nov 14, 2008

    Stein X Leikanger, How does the MK 46 or 50 compare with the British Spearfish? I remember that one from a Tom Clancy novel. Speed of 50+ knots if I remember. Hopefully he wasn't making it up.

  • Stein X Leikanger Stein X Leikanger on Nov 14, 2008

    They're all in that speed range - but for true speed in water, check out the Russian supercavitating Skval. How about 200 KNOTS through water? Yes, you read that right, 370km/h, and that's what's been confirmed through observation from NATO vessels. Could be even faster ...

  • Stein X Leikanger Stein X Leikanger on Nov 14, 2008

    Stated speeds for torpedos are usually below actual. For true ooomph through water, check out the Russian Shkval. 200+ KNOTS (370km/h) - rocket propelled, supercavitating, and with guidance! They claim they've developed a 300kt version, and some have speculated that it's what blew up in the forward torpedoroom of the Kursk.

  • GeorgeLoBuono GeorgeLoBuono on Nov 14, 2008

    To bail out GM is to betray humankind—here’s why: Will the new occupiers of the White House betray us? To “bail out” the Goldman-Sachs mafia, then turn around and ask to “bail out” GM is to betray all of humankind. Both companies are small-brained dinosaurs that must go if we are to survive. Let me explain. In his book The Sampson Option, Sy Hersh meticulously details how Goldman Sachs spear-headed the effort to sneak US nuclear weapons materials to Israel, thus igniting the current H-bomb arms race throughout the Mideast. Israel could easily have prevailed there with US jets and hardware, but no, Goldman wanted Israel to hoard A-bombs, then H-bombs in underground bunkers. Why, on Earth, would Israel need 200 nuclear bombs (and growing)? If we ignore our role as global citizens and act as though we don’t need to STOP nuclear weapons proliferation, from such perspective Israel could get by with only five bombs. All the rest are entirely useless. They’ll never be used. They’re meant to be monstrous totems—to both fuel the Israeli public’s sense that if they have to, they can wipe out tens of millions of their neighbors, a cruel and dangerous attitude. And nukes can be used to put fear in every Israeli—if YOU cross those golden rope lines and wander onto “security” turf, then just imagine the force that will be trained on you. And GM? Who owns it? The Du Pont family has owned the largest percentage of GM ever since the 1930’s when they used WWI war booty to take it over. And who are those DuPonts, who Nancy Pelosi and other weak-kneed Democrats are thinking about giving billions--to “bail out” GM? A Bidermann-DuPont, the part of the family that got royalist French money to found DuPont’s gunpowder monopoly, actively encouraged states of the South to secede just before the Civil War (historians write that the majority there didn’t want to). Then DuPonts cashed in on the war and took possession of southern terra. DuPonts bought Opel from Nazi Germany, then made Opel troop carriers to ferry Hitler’s troops across Europe. A family admiral, Sam DuPont, asked his superior if he could let his sailors loot China along with British Opium War sailors who were shooting up China in order to make it buy their opium. Like the GM bailout, it was just business, after all. DuPont Chemical signed monopoly patents exchanges with (Rockefeller investment) I.G. Farben corp. of Nazi Germany during Hitler’s reign of terror. I.G. Farben made Zyklon B, the gas used to kill so many Jews in gas chambers. The DuPont agreement with I.G. Farben was about getting more money, more influence, more power and control—over people like you in the end. Want to resuscitate that GM monopoly, or let it die and force a split-up of smaller companies to re-tool and make smaller cars (no more Hummers and SUV’s that use 2-4 X the gas your car uses)? DuPonts endorsed Mussolini and funded propaganda to warn about “the Jew peril,” just when Hitler was thinking about what to do with the eugenics data that he got from US researchers (Rockefellers funded Auschwitz Dr. Josef Mengele’s eugenics work in Germany, at the time). And in 1934 right after Hitler’s Night of the Long Knives in which he killed ex-chancellor Fritz Papen and hundreds who opposed Nazi blood terror, DuPonts combined with Morgan (yes, now featured in Morgan-Chase after merging with Rockefeller’s bank) to fund an attempt to “remove” Franklin Roosevelt from power by arming and paying disgruntled vets of WWI to move on Washington. The plan was modeled on fascist veterans organizations, elsewhere, but Gen. Smedley Butler exposed the plot in Congressional hearings. Years earlier, DuPont-owned United Fruit Co. had paid Colombian soldiers who massacred striking banana plantation workers at Cienega, a town that Gabriel Garcia Marquez and historian J. Fred Rippy helped to make famous. US naval ships waited offshore to remove the shot-up, bloody villagers before they could talk too much. Remember now, it was really a DuPont family massacre, not merely a corporate thing. Corporations are simple-minded paper “societies” used to make equally simple-minded brown-noses in Congress (and in your village) think that mass murder by the American Borghias, DuPonts and Rockefellers at Miners Creek in Colorado several years earlier, are done anonymously. It’s like when the king’s troops raped and massacred people in one village, then invited your village to take their livestock. DuPont owned United Fruit put its money into many of the key operatives who figured in the Kennedy assassination, by the way. Dealey-plaza photo’d Gen. Ed Lansdale, who specialized in shooter teams, was a protégé of DuPont United Fruit employee-turned-CIA-chief Allen Dulles. *Dulles’ brother John helped get tons of ethyl lead additive to keep those Nazi troop carriers running in Europe, by the way. Small world, isn’t it? Dulles family money was from Rockefeller. DuPonts funded the Black Legion, goon terror squads in Michigan who were used to beat up and kill strikers there, people like Michael Moore’s relatives, after all. So, to bail out GM is to be the village oaf who, instead of calling for an end to the Borghia terror, dons a bloody hide on his head and calls for more of it. Nancy Pelosi moved for martial law privileges to prevent Congress from reading legislation before voting on it just 5-7 weeks ago, when Bush said the sky was falling. Now she’s talking about resuscitating the DuPont monster, GM, so that it can level many more villages elsewhere. Care for a sip of the family wine? It goes down like a fine, vintage “Moulin” (melt water gushing down to sever entire ice shelves of Antartica, due to GM Hummer-fed global warming). *The Bohemian Grove Action Network lists Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul F. Pelosi, as a member of the Grove sub-camp (Stowaway) as David Rockefeller. United Fruit, no the DuPont family (they own GM, remember), used its goons to create what are known as death squads in Guatemala, which then spread to other DuPont (and Rockefeller) family investments like El Salvador, Honduras, and Argentina. When soldiers in Argentina raped young, unconscious truth-tellers in Argentina by the thousands, and then pushed them unconscious from helicopters to drown in the ocean, it was simply continuing the DuPont and Rockefeller family tradition. Both families toasted the killer regimes there. And after a (Rockefeller CFR/Trilateral-planned) massacre of an estimated 500,000 left and labor family members in Indonesia under Suharto, a DuPont-interest, Uniroyal Corp., used the grief-stricken family members in Indonesia as slave labor for years on Uniroyal rubber plantations there. I’ve seen canals in Jakarta where some of the thousands of Chinese were then butchered and dumped into the water—for being too competitive as business owners. It was another DuPont family gain, soon to strike again in East Timor, and elsewhere. There were many, many more massacres in the name of DuPont family “corporations.” Fast forward to the present: the first big oil company to sign on for taking away Iraq’s national oil and drilling it as their own was DuPont-owned Conoco. *Do you really want to hear more of this, or would you rather just forget it all, have a drink or two, and hope that you, too, might be permitted to pal along and eat cheese with Nancy Pelosi on a fine DuPont family estate, maybe a lush Manhattan penthouse if Joe Biden gets invited to the party? Guess whose banks gorge on huge, literally huge narcotics profits that cycle into the US from places like Bin Laden’s old hangout, Afghanistan? DuPont family banks (Citicorp is where they’ve kept the lion’s share of DuPont family loot) and Rockefeller’s Chase were busted for big narco-launder back in the 80’s. There was no doubt, they had to know it was drug money launder (millions in cash deposits that violated federal reporting laws). Now why would a respectable family that let US mafioso launch to the Bay of Pigs from DuPont family land in Guatemala, why would THEY have anything to do with big narco trafficking? “Would you mind stepping away from the golden ropes, please? Sir, I said step away from the ropes!” (reaching for a Taser). Do you really think that the families of Borghia-massacred villagers centuries ago would have voted to keep the Borghias in power, had they been given a choice? That’s what Nancy Pelosi and whoever fronts for a GM bailout is asking you to do--in other words, don’t worry about “the past.” The millions killed by proxies, the fact that DuPont family kill in Guatemala alone is probably equal to, or greater than all of the people killed in the Borghia terror in Renaissance Italy. Pelosi wants you to just sit back and shut the hell up, please. Think about “jobs,” instead, even though most of GM’s real manufacturing has moved to places like Mexico and Vietnam, or China. Have a little cheese ball—it’s got some wine in it. Wink, wink! So what are they really like, those most-steeped in human blood among the DuPont family (hey, we’re talking GM, folks!)? Are some of (not all) the women neatly blinkered, perhaps compulsive name droppers, women who wear those once-only Saks outfits while sipping numbly at brandy that would put Kim Jong-il’s $240 per bottle habit to shame? What do they think when cousin John DuPont executes his “wrestler” trainer on the estate, assuming that it’s okay to kill the little people—you just call someone to dispose of the body then merely hint at things your family has done if police call? Do DuPont men laugh suggestively when someone compares a politician to Jack Kennedy? It’s an inside joke, of course. Or do they keep a low profile--like they do when mixing with men like Seward Prosser Mellon, a fellow grouse-hunting board member who’s cited as being the Mellon responsible for that sex-slave shock-and-torture dungeon Cathy O’Brien referred to as Charm School, a Youngstown OH greystone mansion used in the so-called Monarch program to electroshock and pain-condition people like O’Brien’s daughter Kelly, and many, many others? What do you do when the empire is crumbling, the world trying to politely suggest as Desmond Tutu did, that we shouldn’t really want to invade other nations based on lies then scatter depleted uranium that will poison millions for the next 3.4 billion years there? Do you simply shrug and have another sip of Nancy Pelosi’s petty wine label, maybe eat that ball of cheese and bow your head? Do we pay tribute to the American Borghias, or should we let GM fail and save public money for the needy, instead, then let GM’s parts reorganize and make more efficient cars instead of planet-killing monsters? Should you kiss the hand of Pyotr—who savagely killed your many cousins, or do you celebrate that he’ll soon be gone and your children may finally, finally have a chance? **See Gerard Colby's book DuPont Dynasty for further details. Also Fletcher Prouty's website, Peter Dale Scott's book The War Conspiracy, Hersh's book The Sampson Option, Roll Call's article about Nancy Pelosi's assets, the Congressional Record re House hearings in 1936 re Smedley Butler's (corroborated) story, and "Eugenics and the Nazis, the California Connection" a San Francisco Chronicle article on