Wild Ass Rumor of the Day: Buick Fires Tiger Woods (or Vice Versa)

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
wild ass rumor of the day buick fires tiger woods or vice versa

What’s up with The Detroit News? When it comes to partially or completely unattributed rumors surrounding the GM – Chrysler merger, there’s no source vague enough to warrant exclusion from their news pages. But when they’ve got a hold of a really juicy rumor, they get all coy on us. There’s no reason for “GM mulls Tiger Woods’ Buick contract” to exist– other than as a nudge, nudge, wink, wink word in your ear Guv’nor that The General and The Tiger are about to go their separate ways. How’s this for a suggestive juxtaposition: “Buick, which has had an endorsement agreement with the world’s No. 1-ranked golfer since 1999, has no plans “right now” to scale back its golf sponsorships, [Woods’ agent Larry] Peck said in a telephone interview. The company’s stock has dropped more than 74 percent this year to $6.19 at Wednesday’s close, and GM has cut 53,000 union workers since 2005.” Given The General’s exsanguination, Woods’ other agent was appropriately sanguine. “I want to see where they are, and they want to see where we are,” [mark] Steinberg said. Will they wave at each other? You know, as GM says goodbye? Look for a Tiger at a BMW, Mercedes or Audi-sponsored event soon.

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  • Lynn Ellsworth Lynn Ellsworth on Oct 23, 2008

    53,000 workers laid off in 3 years, incredible! Many of us old people are not interested in Buicks, we ride bicycles.

  • Cicero Cicero on Oct 23, 2008

    Tiger Woods should buy GM and hire Ed McMahon as the new Buick spokesman. Man, that'd be funny.

  • Bozoer Rebbe Bozoer Rebbe on Oct 23, 2008

    Buick's deal with Woods made sense in the context of their overall golf related marketing. Remember, Buick sponsors two PGA tour events, including the Buick Open. That said, if Woods decides to stay with GM identifying him with Cadillac makes more sense. A good friend was a pretty high ranking ad exec and worked on the Buick account with Tiger. As far as should could tell he seemed pleased with his relationship with Buick/GM and said it was a pleasure to work with him.

  • GS650G GS650G on Oct 24, 2008

    Shlepping for GM made Tiger look bad