Lexus Reveals IS250 Convertible. It's Ugly

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
lexus reveals is250 convertible its ugly

Today at the Paris show Lexus revealed the IS250 Convertible. You know the drill for the segment: folding hardtop, two pretend rear seats, very high price. While I’m a fan of Lexus’s recent L-Finesse design styling (see: Lexus LS460), I think this is ugly and boring. It reminds me of the Ford Focus folding hardtop convertible, except that it’s twice the price and half as appealing. Seriously, I wasn’t expecting something with Italian design flair, or even French oddity. But couldn’t they have done better than this? It might be the least imaginative car to roll out of the Lexus design studio in years, and that’s like saying Sarah Palin is the most incompetent politician in America. The Lexus IS250 Convertible is coming to your local rich housewives’ parking lot early next year. Or a scintillating comparison test in which it comes in third place against the 328i convertible and upcoming Infiniti G37 convertible in, oh, say the March issue of Car and Driver. I’m twitching with excitement.

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  • EngineerfromBaja_1990 These cars hit rock bottom in value by the mid 2010s when the DCT related lawsuits came in droves. Too bad because other than that poor transmission and limited legroom, these are very good handling and well equipped vehicles with decent build quality and materials.We can all be very positive it was the DCT fiasco what ruined this nameplate for North America rather than the shift from sedans and HB to CUVs.The only upside is manual transmission vehicles were also affected by the low resale value, which make them an excellent buy.
  • MaintenanceCosts And this is why I just bought myself a good 2011 manual car that I plan to keep for a good long time.
  • Lou_BC The Camaro always had to contend with the Corvette. Up until the mid-engine Corvette, bother were just muscle cars occupying the same niche. The demise of the Challenger and Camaro will be great news for Ford and the Mustang. Once again they are the last domestic Muscle car standing.
  • MaintenanceCosts I love these. They are really too loud for the street--you'd have to tiptoe around subdivisions and parking lots if you don't want people to get mad--but the noise is SO beautiful.But if I got this one the first thing I'd do would take a heat gun to the white stripes. The car is plenty shouty enough without them.
  • Ajla This was discussed a little in the Camaro thread yesterday but IMO these GT350s along with the 5g Camaro Z28 are going to be the most valuable post 2000 muscle/pony cars around the time I'm going in the ground. The experience those two cars give isn't going to exist in the future while they are also just fussy enough about maintenance/repair to make themselves rare as time goes on.