Daily Podcast Lieberman Edition: Who Buys Ferrari Sweatshirts?

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
daily podcast lieberman edition who buys ferrari sweatshirts

I was stumbling around the Milan airport after a red-eye flight last January when I came upon a Ferrari store. I have absolutely no idea what kind of sales a store like this might rack up (or really, not rack up). Even the insanely wealthy would no doubt feel strange about wearing a $58 Ferrari t-shirt if they didn’t actually own a Ferrari. If I bought one, I’d just feel like a … well the word I’m thinking of rhymes with “bouchebag.” The rest of the merchandise, from $600 parkas to $250 silk ties was equally stupidpriced. The best explanation I can think of for the store is to keep the Ferrari brand nestled among other exotic luxury brands. But all in all, I have to say it makes my head hurt. The exception to me would be any type of event-oriented clothing (i.e. Ferrari day at the beach 2003) or something commemorative (a picture of a Ferrari 250 California, in which case you’d look like a dork rather than a poseur).

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  • Justin Berkowitz Justin Berkowitz on Oct 07, 2008

    @Red Barchetta, Domestic Hearse: Did I say I'd never driven an old 911, 928, or 914? Eek! Not true, fortunately. Well, mostly not true. I've driven the 911 plenty, just wanted to know Jonny's opinion on the "purity" since he's more of a Porsche guy and I'm erm, not. The 928 I absolutely love. Would love to own one at one point. As for the 914, that's where I've got about 10 minutes of seat time. The car was not well sorted, I was at the time very bad at driving stick (now you know how many years ago we're talking), and my memory has faded. But it ain't good stuff about the 914 that I do remember.

  • JEC JEC on Oct 08, 2008

    I have a Mercedes cap and a Mercedes polo shirt. I did restore an old MB with my father, but I only wear the gear one week of the year - Montreal Grand Prix weekend. And now that's gone (insert string of hyperbolic expletives here). That being said I do wear Ducati gear on a regular basis. I own a Ducati, I work on Ducatis, and I'm president of the Ducati Owner's Club in Montreal. I figure that entitles me to be a sort of brand-ambassador and I dress accordingly.

  • GiddyHitch GiddyHitch on Oct 08, 2008

    I think that you're a "bouchebag" if you wear the Ferrari gear without owning one, but an even bigger bouchebag if you wear the Ferrari gear because you do own one. It's a d-bag conundrum to be sure. This rule only applies to exotics/supercars and people who wear more than one piece of gear at a given time. Everyone else is just a fanboy.

  • Hal Hal on Oct 08, 2008

    I have a very nice Martini Racing/Porsche shirt which I bought because I have very happy memories of watching rally and sports cars racing in those colours when I was a kid. Am I a "douche"? Probably, but I couldn't care less what the NASCAR belogoed knuckledraggers think nevermind anyone else who uses the word "douche" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Delta_gruppo_A.jpg