Autoblog Knight Rider Blog Scales New Heights. No, Really.

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
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autoblog knight rider blog scales new heights no really

In case you weren’t aware, TTAC’s publisher (that’s me) and Autoblog’s Editor-in-Chief (sounds painful) John Neff have been having an epic pissing match in the comments section of our blog on their HUMMER vs. Toyota comparo. I took them to task for not disclosing the sponsorship for their off-road safari. Neff signed-on to say there was no sponsorship– except for the vehicles themselves and insurance (which was activated by their blogger’s driving). And besides, WHY DON’T YOU LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE! Anyway, we’re still waiting for that little piece of fair disclosure text under their blog. And needless to say, we will continue to put AOL’s automotive extremity in a Fujiwara armbar as and when we see fit. And this time we don’t see fit. Once again, AB’s Alex Nunez friggin’ well NAILS his live blog of Knight Rider, this time chronicling Season 1, Episode 4. Forbes centogenarian scribe Jerry Flint may feel the need to quote Percy Bysshe Shelley’s poem Ozymandias, but I’m bookmarking Nunez’ Knight Rider screed for my personal posterity patrol. Behold! “8:45: KITT ID’s the guy who poisoned Mike. ATTACK MODE! They plot to intercept. Mike talks to Sarah. He loves her. His heart stops. KITT: “He is dead.” Suddenly, I feel more alive.” And “8:57: Cut to: dreamy sequence. Sadly, this is not heaven, Mike is not dead, and we’re going to probably do this again next week.” In fact, The Hollywood Reporter reports that NBC has ordered-up four more episodes of Knight Rider for Mr. Nunez’ haiku-like evisceration. Can’t wait. No really. I’m a big fan.

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • TexasAg03 TexasAg03 on Oct 16, 2008
    The original Knight Rider, while soft in plot and cheezy in execution - looks like an Oscar-worthy drama compared to this mess of a show. While I don't think the current version of Knight Rider is a great show, I think it is better than the first. "Soft and cheesy" barely scratched the surface and William Daniels was irritating. I just don't think the current show is all that bad.
  • DeanMTL DeanMTL on Oct 16, 2008

    Stupid show.

  • Serpico Serpico on Oct 17, 2008

    I find it stupid that those idiots talk about how poor the show is and then spend their own time blogging about it. Like wtf? Every week I need to read these damn headlines about the show. Just don't watch it if you don't like it. But I bet these guys are closet fans and don't want to admit it. The show is fine and better than watching some of those dumb ass reality shows. It's a show about a talking car for crapsakes. Enjoy it for what it is or don't watch it. The best scenes are of the Mustang just driving in normal mode, the rest is throw away. I could watch that car driving for an hour than watching some of these reality shows.

  • Festiva Rob Festiva Rob on May 25, 2023

    wauh wauh. wauh wauh. That's what K.I.T.T and K.A.R.R sound like. I've seen the whole series, good show, just normal.