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Ooooh. Ford. You ARE a tease. But hey, at least we don’t have to endure the glacially slow PR drip-feed and premature full revelation blighting the new Chevrolet Camaro. Or do we? When is the new ‘Stang set to romp into showrooms anyway? The Motor Authority reckons we’re looking at sometime late in that most magical of model years, 2010. Is it possible that Ford could mess with the numerical mojo and delay the launch (a la F-150) to clear the lots of unloved last generation ‘Stangs? In this market who knows? But while we’re speculating, the Aussie authority in these matters highlights the fact that FoMoCo’s design guy Peter “Call me Dave” Horbury’s mob have endeavored to make the new iteration look slimmer and more fuel efficient, in keeping with the temper of the times. Even though it isn’t and is. Vive la evolution!

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16 Comments on “More Mustang Teaser Images...”

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    Well it better be JUST like the concept pics or all hell will break loose!

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    Well there’s no way it could look as bad as the 3rd gen mustang. Those things are just awful. So it will take quite a bit of ugly stick to make me really hate the new one.

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    2010 is going to be one great year. We’re getting everything except a flying car that year.

    I’m giddy.

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    Dr Lemming

    Look slimmer and more fuel efficient? That line about lipstick on a pig may apply here. People aren’t stupid — they aren’t going to buy an almost two-ton four seater if fuel economy matters.

    Ford made a bad call when it put the Mustang on such a large and heavy platform. Alas, in true lemming style, GM and Chrysler have now joined Ford in the race to make the most obese pony cars ever. It’s like 1971-73 all over again. I hope they don’t expect these cars to be profit centers.

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    The Motor Authority reckons we’re looking at sometime late in that most magical of model years, 2010.

    It goes on sale around the same time as the Camaro. (Spring 2009) Just wanted to point that out.

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    Dave M.

    Is this the “all new” Mustang, or just a (perhaps major) face lift?

    Has Mehta checked in yet? I finally found a Starbucks with working wi-fi here in Houston.

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    Is this the “all new” Mustang, or just a (perhaps major) face lift?

    Major face lift with new engines.

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    Mark MacInnis

    Blunozer, where are you on this? We haven’t had the benefit of your thoughts on the subject of oil prices in some time…..

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    Really who cares? If Ford takes government bailout money I hope every American, never buys another Ford product…

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    Full debut at LA. Job1 is Feb 09. It is still unclear if the Mustang will move to the 3.7 for 2010 or for 2011 (although it is rumored at this point based on some conversation with prototype drivers – although we don’t know which MY vehicle they were driving), but the 4.6 is staying for sure for the 2010MY. The new 5.0 should debut in early 2010 for 2011MY.

    Mustang stock is actually well under control from what I’ve heard. Ford is artificially limiting the 2009 run to 45,000 units (it’s only a five month run with an eight month sales period – but that’s a low number for eight months). The drop in sales this year shouldn’t affect inventories additionally too much as Ford had already eliminated overtime at AAI early this year and the 2008 stock wasn’t excessive during the changeover.

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    I copied the two exterior pics together..
    they are shot from slightly different angles so it doesn’t fit smoothly..
    no time or motivation to correct that..

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    Matthew Danda

    I can get a good read on the Ford inventory by looking at the size of the X-Plan discounts, which change monthly as inventories fluctuate. It seems that Explorer and Expedition inventories have been well managed for a while now, as are Mustangs…because the discounts haven’t been quite as dramatic as you would think. The Flex is discounted very little (because they aren’t building any to sell). But the Fusion, MKZ, and Taurus discounts seem to fluctuate dramatically, indicating that the inventories are also fluctuating. And, for a while there, you could get a V6 Escape CHEAPER than a 4-cylinder model! But they seemed to have corrected that imbalance already.

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    Wait…That’s looks like the profile of a 72 Mustang Grande! It must be the next advanced step of backwards evolution!

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    Bob Lutz has the flying car in the sketch stage now. Look for a 2013 release.

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    Will this one have a current generation suspension, functional brakes and power figures that befit the displacement? If it doesn’t have ALL THREE then I’ll just sigh and ignore it, again.

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    I for one don’t want irs. its a “muscle car” (since muscle and pony got in bed together). Solid rear axle is more fun for straight lines and some of of like that better. As for weight its currently the lightest of the 3 and has the best pricing. for the money you save you can buy a super charger and get her to 500hp.. or buy the pig of a challenger with 75 less for the same buck

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