BMW Reveals X1 Crossover Concept

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
bmw reveals x1 crossover concept

While the official debut at the Paris Auto Show isn’t set to take place for a few days, yada yada yada, photos of the X1 are now available on the internet. I think it looks like a modern BMW crossover thingy, which means it looks awful (reference X3, X5, X6). It looks dangerously close to the out-of-date X3 in size, and the platform is some kind of 1-Series/3-Series crossbreed, meaning it can likely accept every engine those two cars offer. Unfortunately, it’s likely that the production X1 will look a lot like this. Worst part: the name reminds me of the awesome Bell X-1, the plane that broke the sound barrier.

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  • Pete Pete on Oct 01, 2008

    Where are these misguided people taking the brand? I can't stop yawning at these SAVs - all of 'em!

  • ChopperDave ChopperDave on Oct 01, 2008

    Does anyone else see a whole mess o' Nissan Rouge past the A-Pillar?

  • Jeff S Unless muscle cars and pony like cars come back in popularity they will continue to disappear. Seems like some commenters are still not aware that pickups, suvs, and crossovers are what is selling. Manufacturers are going to make what sells regardless of who is the President. It is strictly business.
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  • ToolGuy What a concept.
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  • 28-Cars-Later I would think this is a good thing. Assuming typical Chrysler resale hits the Hornet, its pretty close to an Alfa for less.