Welsh Police Getting [Even] Sneakier to Trap Speeders

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

The police in North Wales [UK] aren't horsing around. Literally. They're using an SUV hauling an empty horse trailer to hide a speed camera to [s]fatten the civic coffers[/s] catch miscreants brazen enough to flaunt the law by exceeding the posted speed limit. The video shows the setup in action and the police scurrying to move it to a different location when they realize they're being watched. And if that wasn't sneaky enough, the Welsh po-po also deploy a pair of high-performance motorcycles for the same purpose. The unmarked bikes sit by the side of the road until a group of bikers pass. Then they join at the rear of the pack. They just wait for the bikes ahead to start speeding so the camera can start [s]printing money[/s] photographing lawbreakers. At £60 each ($120), it hasn't taken long for these to become part of the revenue machine. TheNewspaper.com reports "local speed camera partnerships collected £10 million (US $20 million) from 160,126 automated tickets issued in 2006 with North Wales accounting for more than a third of the total."

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  • AJ AJ on Aug 20, 2008

    It's all about the revenue and not about people obeying the law. If people obeyed the law, where would their money come from? Tough place to live, but the US is probably not too far behind.

  • Powerglide Powerglide on Aug 20, 2008

    G' mornin' all ! Dynamic88, Power6 seems to have done better than I at making similar points. I'd just add the idea that a radar/laser gun running all the time, in the hands of an officer or a machine, is basically a search. Searches are to be preceded by a probable cause ! If an officer sees that a car is driving way too fast, he can then aim a technological device at the car, there's probable cause. Drug 'enforcement' officers can more or less radar your home, see what's inside, (growing lights, etc)if they have warrant. You Constitutionally happy with them going down your street, frying every house on the block, in the hope that they'll catch someone ? Spy agencies can in some cases, catch your own private conversations by pointing a beam off your house windows. OK with them parking such a device in, say, a horse trailer across the street from your house ? Every house ? This is why some of us keep bringing up historic British resistance to totalitarian regimes.

  • Menno Menno on Aug 20, 2008

    Well said, Powerglide. In other news, if you go over the US border by land (presumably, in your car) you may now expect to have your computer (lap top) removed from the car and possibly retained for an un-described term of time. As in, for ever. Even if they give it back, they claim the "right" to simply copy and later discern the entire contents. So much for Constitutional rights against search & seizure. As for privacy, forget it. Oh yes, and now that you have to have "modern" electronically scannable ID to go over the border (or more specifically, return to the US) despite being a US citizen, it is not only understood but recently hit the news that the US gummint is keeping track of ALL information garnered for ALL people going in and out of the borders, and such info is being shared by/with Canada. As for citizens rights and the right to move about between borders, privacy, etc., forget it. Soon, if not already, "they'll" be able to track every move we make. GPS, anyone? BTW if you go INTO Canada, the Canadian border patrol have the right to confiscate all burned discs and MP3 files and keep them. Just went on vacation to Canada, saw border patrol agents carrying lap tops from cars. I simply didn't volunteer (wasn't asked) about our tiny Asus EeePC which we had to retain vacation photos in the Canadian rockies. We had US passports, when going into each country, said passports were scanned by border patrol. Now if you don't already feel paranoid, I'll tell you that I read an interesting article (and confirmed it by speaking to a few guys who work in the cellular industry). If "someone" with sufficient technical knowledge wishes to do so, and bearing in mind that the telephone/cellular industry has fully agreed to "work with" surveilling the US public on behalf of the government when "requested" - it's absolutely possible to listen in to anyone having a conversation if they have a cell phone. Whether or not the cell phone is even "turned on". Likewise, the gummint has absolved the phone/cell industry from any and all legal ramifications (i.e. as a citizen you lose the right to sue the phone or cell company for illegal search & seizure). Apparently the only way to be certain that your cell phone is not being "tapped" is to remove the battery. Now do you feel paranoid yet? It all goes WAY beyond speed traps these days.

  • Capeplates Capeplates on Aug 21, 2008

    Never did trust the Welsh - they've been trying to trap the English for years and I suspect this is another attempt to catch English motorists during the holidays season. Why the English should ever go to Wales on holiday defies explanation!