TTAC Photochop: Mercedes Gullwing

Andrei Avarvarii
by Andrei Avarvarii
ttac photochop mercedes gullwing

After squeezing all the history out of the SLR name (with the 722 and the Speedster, see the photochop from August 11) MB is set to revive another legendary, even mythical, nameplate: the Gullwing. While it may not have the same magic (and occasional widow-making proclivity) of the original, it runs the risk of being a little too high tech for its own good character. What I’ve done with this image, rather than design a futuristic – and fantasy – car, is to extrapolate heavily from the spy shots we’ve seen of the Gullwing test cars. That means ungainly bits and all, but then not every recent Benz has been a museum piece. The fascia of the test mule reminded me of the second-gen SL and inspired me to test out its application on the rendering, whereas the typical Benz side gills and door handles are all but guaranteed.

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