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Courtesy avavarii.comAnd here it is [maybe]: Chevrolet's plug-in electric – gas hybrid Volt. Weʼve admired (more or less) the widely-touted concept and glimpsed the camouflaged 1/3 model. Iʼve photchopped my personal guess for the finished model, based on Bob Lutz' contention that the production version will still be recognizable as the Volt. The small cabin silhouette is clearly not making it into production (as we've seen on the scale model). However, the doors' transparent upper sides are a Volt-specific design element; I think they could make it out of concept stage to act as a visual trade-mark. They're not all that useful, but they give the Volt a suitably high-tech appearance. Some mechanical components like the door-locking mechanism or the window crane could be seen through that glass; eye candy for kids and first-time car-thieves. I kept the glass-roof, but I doubt it will be standard equipment. Some high-tech lights (but not as fancy as those seen on the concept) should differentiate the Volt from the rest of the Chevys. The result isn't beautiful, but then, neither is the Toyota Prius.

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10 Comments on “TTAC Photochop: Chevrolet Volt...”

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    Maybe we replace the glass roof with solar panels to run the air conditioning etc?

    I have problems with what appears to be the rear wheels stuck out further than the front wheels.

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    It’s a Camalibu.

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    I dig the curved windshield and the glass at the door handles level.

    But I think the Chevy grille must extend to the base of the front bumper.

    And it’s so wide in the back that it looks kinda cartoonish. Maybe if the width increase is progessive that impression is reduced.

    I like it more than the Prius

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    I don’t see how they could do the transparent doors’ upper sides in a production car. Frankly, I think they look kind of stupid on the concept, too. Maybe they’ll resort to some cheaper visual trickery to mimic that style, though, like a blacked-out section there.

    Frankly, I think the Volt will have to lose some of its “wow” factor in terms of features and equipment just to keep the cost closer to the [now obliterated] $25k price target.

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    That’s quite a good looking car. I’m impressed. My main problem with the concept vehicle was the fact that the roof line was almost flush with the main body. But this design has the roof slightly higher which makes all the difference to me.

    Also, why the hate with the Toyota Prius? I think it looks great.

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    Wow I think that looks a lot nicer thatn what will come out, still think it need to be dumbed down and Cobalted/Cruzed some more. I dont thing the front is going to have as pronounced a wedge as you have shown, it looks much more vertical from the few snippets of the front we have seen. Plus that Chevy styled front grill throws back to the last gen Malibu and it should be more like the current Malibu with that overly large center bar.

    That glass detail over the doors is going to become a carbon fiber detail if anything stays at all. With GM’s cost cutting machine I bet it wont be real carbon fiber, or maybe they will make that an option or something for a upped trim package.

    That popped out rear wheel does look strang and a tad out of scale and it does nothing for drag, I don’t see them doing, nor should they this isn’t a muscle car. And as you said the greenhouse is going to be more traditional and not chopped like it shown, again for aerodynamics. Glass roof will probably be an expensive option or that upped trim package like I mentioned, like a green SS.

    Nice job though, I like yours better then what will probably come out. I would buy yours except for the bow tie thing in the front, but you could airbrush that out like they airbrush flaws out of the Playboy centerfold.

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    I agree with RedBarchetta’s comments (from a better vanished time) about the grille.

    I also doubt the glass detail will make it — they’ll never be able to manufacture it cheaply enough — cost, NVH, and security. No matter how much the feds kick in, the car will already be well out of reach pricewise for anyone who might be willing to buy a high tech car from the bowtie folks.

    If they can’t do the glass, they shouldn’t fake it with glued-on black or carbon fiber gimmickry, because, no matter what materials were used, it would look like glued-on plastic crap from a distance. Simpler is better — remember all the plastic accretions Pontiac bodies accumulated prior to Lutz?

    I too fail to understand the anti-Prius comments. The Prius exterior is a work of art. It’s an purposeful anime car with perfect lines and the most distinctive, evocative (of high tech) rear end on the road. GM would be lucky to have a car with such well-integrated exterior design.

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    Who ever said the Prius looks “great” has been smoking way too much lithium-ion battery waste!

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    I would guess the front end would be more Malibu and less Cobalt that it appears here, otherwise nice photoshopping.

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    Looks like they have taken notice of european/japanese designers.

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