Question of the Day: What's Your Country?

Jonny Lieberman
by Jonny Lieberman
question of the day whats your country

Bit of a philosophical one today. You may or may not have seen news about the upcoming V Eight Jensen Interceptor SX. I've been thinking of little else. Which got me thinking, is there a particular country that I identify with the most in car terms? Well, I am American, so America? Sadly, no. Now I appreciate muscular metal in a big way. But on a deeper level, a Chevelle SS leaves me cold. Maybe too many assholes drove them in high school. Germany? Fast and potent, but a bit too precise for precisions sake. See Gregory Peck in Boys From Brazil for more on that. Japan? See Germany, but with less power. Obviously that leaves Italy. Beautiful, extroverted cars we all lust after. And those interiors! But I'm kinda fat; I could never fit into those designer jeans. Not in good faith at any rate. France? Almost, as if I had lots of disposable income I'd own lots of oleopneumatic cars. But they're missing something. Like potent engines. Australia? Well, they certainly have engines, but I get the impression their cars also drag their knuckles. Which leaves us with Britain. Aston Martin, Lotus, TVR, MG, Triumph, Rolls-Royce, MINI, Caterham, Bentley, Noble, Jaguar and of course, Jensen? God save the Queen. You?

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