New Cadillac SRX: 'Sclade Mini-Me?

new cadillac srx 8216 sclade mini me

Yup it twofer Friday over at The Standard of the World, as Cadillac unveils both the CTS [s]Medusa[/s] Sport Wagon and this, the new SRX. And once again, the brand's Global (?) Design Director Clay Dean is talking about how he's clad a Caddy in the Art and Science motif– without using that term. "The next-generation SRX is the result of the continued exploration and refining of Cadillac design language, with the goal of creating dramatic presence in the luxury crossover space." Am I the only one in the automotive space who hates the current use of the word "space" by cubicle overlords? Who killed the word "market?" Speaking of which… “The next-generation SRX, along with the new CTS Sport Wagon, showcases Cadillac taking its dramatic design into new directions," Caddy GM Jim Taylor agreed with his copywriter. "Particularly cars and crossovers that are the right size at the right time for today’s luxury consumers." Hey, if loving Vue is wrong, I don't want to be right.

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  • Johnster Johnster on Aug 15, 2008
    Robert Farago : Am I the only one in the automotive space who hates the current use of the word "space" by cubicle overlords? Space. The final frontier. "Captain? Scott here. We've had a little accident in the transporter room here while beaming up your CTS and Uhura's Ford Focus."

  • Johnster Johnster on Aug 15, 2008
    David Holzman : gag me with a spoon. I also can’t stand the way he talks about design language. What’s wrong with simply saying design? Marketing people should have their speech strictly regulated. Gag me with a backhoe.

  • Durask Durask on Aug 15, 2008

    Good design. For ugly soap sud designs please go to Toyota/Lexus. Or the cheese grater grille on the new Acura TL.

  • Mark MacInnis Mark MacInnis on Aug 16, 2008

    Yikes. Derivative, at best. And they had designers working at Opel who did that beautiful wagen/cuv for Europe, but the best Caddy could muster was this? I hate to be a hater, but this thing puts the ugh in f-ugh-ly...