Daily Podcast: Cadillac CTS-V Obliterates Physics

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz

Many of us – and you – have posited that much like 1972, the time we're in now is the peak of the neo-muscle car era. Vehicles like the Camaro, Challenger, Charger, and Mustang are the best they've ever been. And yet, it seems like the writing is on the wall that they're going to enjoy short lived success – at best. But what about the luxury muscle cars: the AMG cars, the M cars, the Audi RS series. And now the Cadillac CTS-V has just been tested by Edmunds and yields astonishing performance numbers. Every iteration of these vehicles get more insane. In 1999, the M3 had 240 horsepower. Then 333. Then 414. The CTS-V went from 405 to 556. Are we really going to reach the point of 1000 horsepower family cars? Yes, there are more rich people than ever, and many of them just don't care about gas being $4, or $6, or even $8 per gallon. At some point, the bubble is going to burst.

Justin Berkowitz
Justin Berkowitz

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  • Doctorv8 Doctorv8 on Aug 28, 2008

    Justin, The V6 Genny is only $2k less than the V8. Screw the 0-60 numbers...the V8 is a far more satisfying ride. Classic V8 lazy torque and better interior upholstery. The V6 does nothing to distinguish itself from a G35 or GS350.....the V8 does! Maybe you're not a V8 guy...in which case, I understand you not liking the Genesis that much. I think the Koreans have built a great moderately priced American car....the only thing close in 2009 is the (Australian) G8. And Jonny, The main advantage the ACR has over the Z06 comes down to one word......TIRES! Throw a set of R compunds on the Z, and it's quite the track terror in its own right.

  • Orian Orian on Aug 28, 2008

    Kendahl - there's a whole army of drag racers that would tell you otherwise about how many drive wheels you need to get the power down.

  • Sajeev Mehta Sajeev Mehta on Aug 28, 2008

    You guys totally got my number. But you forgot how smelly the V6's leather is compared to the delicious stuff in the V8. The Genesis is rounded and cheap: $42,000 is for all options. And yeah, I was suckered by the V8 and RWD, because its the only thing in its class.

  • Doctorv8 Doctorv8 on Aug 28, 2008
    because its the only thing in its class. Cough....G8...cough....