Chrysler Shows Its Suppliers Its Books. Hey. What Do YOU Care?

Jehovah Johnson
by Jehovah Johnson
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chrysler shows its suppliers its books hey what do you care

ChyrCo's procurement Veep wants the company's suppliers to understand that they're part of the Chrysler family, which ain't goin' nowhere. Capice? (So wait for your God damn money, OK?) The Bradenton Herald spills the beans on Joe Campi's charm offensive. "On Friday, Campi said the 160 suppliers visited Chrysler's headquarters Thursday to hear from the automaker's chief financial officer, the second time in about a month that suppliers were brought in for such a presentation. 'We did a complete financial review, balance sheet, earnings performance, you name it, we covered it,' Campi said. 'Not too different from what I've seen in legit publicly traded companies. I think the mood was very upbeat.'" Or so they told Campi. Anyway, if that wasn't enough to quell suppliers' queasiness, Don Campi had a blunt message for all those "friends of ours." "I am not looking to kill suppliers," he asserted. "But there are some I can't save." Sam Giancana couldn't have said it better. 'Cause they would have thrown his ass in jail.

Jehovah Johnson
Jehovah Johnson

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  • Samir Samir on Aug 28, 2008

    So, which CPA firm did this financial review? More importantly, "review" is a term of art. If he's using it as one, no supplier should be satisfied with a review. For a company that acts like the black hole of information, what they should get is an "audit". If it's an internal review, it holds as much water the leaky sunroof on a Dodge Journey.

  • Bjcpdx Bjcpdx on Aug 28, 2008

    Arthur Andersen? They're not licensed to do audits anymore, but maybe they do "reviews".

  • Blowfish Blowfish on Aug 28, 2008

    Arthur Andersen still exists?

  • Ingvar Ingvar on Aug 28, 2008

    I think this gets more and more downright scary. I can't for my life understand how ANYONE would want to have business with Chrysler. Every inch of my body screams "Run Forest, run!". My advice to all involved is to get the hell out of there, and fast! You can't deal with these people...