Ask the Best and Brightest: "Help Me Find a Decent Sized Coupe, Roadster or Convertible That's Fun to Drive, OK on Gas"

ask the best and brightest help me find a decent sized coupe roadster or

I’m thinking about getting a new car and I’m leaning towards it being a completely non-practical toy. Here’s my situation… A couple years ago I bought a brand new G35S Sedan right when it was redesigned. I liked the car a lot because it blended the fun of a sporty car, with the practicality of a four-door and the comfort of luxury amenities. As an idiot enthusiast, I opted for the six-speed ‘S’ over the automatic AWD. I live in New England and then the 1st winter with the G hit. Much like the previous Mustang posting, I was faced with a decision: winterize my new baby or get a beater. I chose the latter and found a decent ZJ. I bought the Jeep for the winter and found (as a 2nd vehicle) an SUV is great. I use it for my mountain bike gear, my dogs and home depot runs. This combo worked well for awhile. Recently, partly because of gas, and mostly because I always wanted one, I bought a motorcycle. It’s been a lot of fun for the summer. Between the bike for commuting and the Jeep for the weekend, my Infiniti sits. The car really only comes out when my girlfriend and I go out, or when the weather isn’t suitable for the bike. I’m a young guy with no kids planned for a little while. Really I need a car for my single person commute, for days taking the bike isn’t reasonable, and when I don’t need something to haul my gear. I’d like something smaller and somewhat more fuel efficient. However it HAS to be fun to drive, have some luxury and look great. I saw a Wiesmann and fell absolutely in love! Modern tech in a super sexy package. The Crossfire is also appealing, so is an SLK or S2000. I’ve even been looking at old VW Ghias, but I don’t think they’d hold up doing 75 on the highway. So, can The Best and Brightest help me find a decent sized (I’m 6’2’’) coupe, roadster, or convertible that’s fun to drive, OK on gas and preferably saves me some money? It doesn’t have to be new, I’m even entertaining the idea of a classic. It does have to be reliable though. Thanks! LUNDQIK

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  • Ricky Spanish Ricky Spanish on Aug 25, 2008

    BMW Z4 Dedicated roadster, not some bimbo chop top cowl shaking chassis flexing 4-seater (4 seat convertibles are for housewives and people with heart problems) Lots of room - built for big Germans Tons of fun to drive, competes in SCCA A-stock, has lots of power, great handling and some neat options (Sport-M seats, sport package) 20 mpg city, 30 mpg highway 'nuff said

  • LUNDQIK LUNDQIK on Aug 27, 2008

    So I went and checked out a couple cars on the list and in the back of the dealer lot I saw a 1968 Chevelle. Am I crazy for even considering this car? It just looks so friggin cool. They want $9,500 for it.

  • Dennis Howerton Nice article, Cory. Makes me wish I had bought Festivas when they were being produced. Kia made them until the line was discontinued, but Kia evidently used some of the technology to make the Rio. Pictures of the interior look a lot like my Rio's interior, and the 1.5 liter engine is from Mazda while Ford made the automatic transmission in the used 2002 Rio I've been driving since 2006. I might add the Rio is also an excellent subcompact people mover.
  • Sgeffe Bronco looks with JLR “reliability!”What’s not to like?!
  • FreedMike Back in the '70s, the one thing keeping consumers from buying more Datsuns was styling - these guys were bringing over some of the ugliest product imaginable. Remember the F10? As hard as I try to blot that rolling aberration from my memory, it comes back. So the name change to Nissan made sense, and happened right as they started bringing over good-looking product (like the Maxima that will be featured in this series). They made a pretty clean break.
  • Flowerplough Liability - Autonomous vehicles must be programmed to make life-ending decisions, and who wants to risk that? Hit the moose or dive into the steep grassy ditch? Ram the sudden pile up that is occurring mere feet in front of the bumper or scan the oncoming lane and swing left? Ram the rogue machine that suddenly swung into my lane, head on, or hop up onto the sidewalk and maybe bump a pedestrian? With no driver involved, Ford/Volkswagen or GM or whomever will bear full responsibility and, in America, be ambulance-chaser sued into bankruptcy and extinction in well under a decade. Or maybe the yuge corporations will get special, good-faith, immunity laws, nation-wide? Yeah, that's the ticket.
  • FreedMike It's not that consumers wouldn't want this tech in theory - I think they would. Honestly, the idea of a car that can take over the truly tedious driving stuff that drives me bonkers - like sitting in traffic - appeals to me. But there's no way I'd put my property and my life in the hands of tech that's clearly not ready for prime time, and neither would the majority of other drivers. If they want this tech to sell, they need to get it right.