TTAC Switches to New WordPress Platform

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
ttac switches to new wordpress platform

Well, here we are, sitting on the latest WP platform. So far, so good. Well, except for the problem with the podcast and the numerous New Content Notifications sent out for same. And yes, we know that the podcast's iTunes listing falls off the proverbial table after two days. Rest assured, as I do, that our highly capable technical staff are on the case. There's a lot of custom code within this sucker, so they've done well to get us this far. While they sort that out, if you experience any other glitches, please note them below. Hopefully, the new WP platform will solve the problems with the comment edit functions and, get this, offer some advantages. Like… a gallery! Yes, an honest-to-God photo gallery function with thumbnails and all. The new platform is also a first step towards our totally rad web 2.0 site. But, for the time being, thanks again for your patience, understanding and participation.

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