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am_vanquish_2_s_ttac_01_02.jpgJames Bond had a lot of magnificent rides during his extensive career. Aside from the iconic Aston Martin DB5, I consider the Vanquish to be the quintessential Bondmobile. The Vanquish was AM's flagship for seven years, until Aston "temporarily" replaced it with the '07 DBS. The S is a dramatic design, but all those holes in the hood, carbon-fiber insertions and big aprons make it look "overtuned." It's a little bit too flashy for those of us who prefer to be stirred, not shaken. (Aren't Lambos supposed to be the whip of choice for the guy that shows-up at the party with gold chains around his neck?) James Bond himself doesn't seem to be too fond of the DBS; he keeps destroying it. In 2010, we'll the Vanquish's "legitimate" successor. Meanwhile, I took the liberty of photochopping one for you. You may notice that I preserved some elements from the original car, like the prominent rear shoulders, the round fog-lights and the chrome accents that begin at the base of the A-pillars and join under the rear window. The rest was just an effort to keep it simple and elegant. Aston heritage speaks softly. And carries a big stick. 

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7 Comments on “TTAC Photochop: Aston Martin Vanquish...”

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    That would be a great looking car and AM should make it!

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    It looks too much like a DB9 front-end mated to a V8 Vantage (RS?) rear with hideously flared fenders that are a misjudged reference to the beautifully flared fenders on the V12 Vanquish IMHO.

    Although I very much like the ‘foglights’ on the Vanquish I don’t think this can quite cut it as a new Vanquish.

    Might have been a good idea to make the DBS was a little bit more like this (with slightly tuned-down rear fender flares) instead of making it a DB9 with a spoiler kit though.

    Although I think AM should basically just stick to the models they’ve got right now for the better part of a decade and then bring out something new and not bring out another model that looks the same as all the other ones, because that’s the way to tire the consumers of their (stunning by all means) look.

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    Looks like every other Aston since the DB7. They’re all beautiful, but I wonder how many times they can keep making the same car over and over again. I guess Porsche has managed to get away with updating the same 911 design for decades, and the 911 design (aesthetically) is vastly inferior to the Aston design so maybe Aston will be OK

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    Martin B

    I walk past an Aston Martin dealership about once a week, and always spend a few minutes drooling at the showroom window. Their current range is undoubtedly the most beautiful range of cars ever put out by any manufacturer anytime, anywhere.

    I think they visually de-tuned the DBS from the screen version. At any rate, I remember it being as tasteful as the other models. (It’s been sold so I can’t see it any more.)

    Re your photochop: I’d have at least seven spokes in the rims, but otherwise it looks pretty Aston-y.

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    The line of the rear fender looks a little too Dodge Charger for my liking. The current Vanquish is so drop-dead gorgeous I don’t know how they can hope to improve it.

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    “In 2010, we’ll the Vanquish’s “legitimate” successor.”

    I think you missed a word there ;)

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    That is beautiful.

    But I’d be lying if I said it didn’t remind me (a bit) of the new Accord Coupe.

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