TTAC Photochop: Aston Martin Vanquish

Andrei Avarvarii
by Andrei Avarvarii
ttac photochop aston martin vanquish

James Bond had a lot of magnificent rides during his extensive career. Aside from the iconic Aston Martin DB5, I consider the Vanquish to be the quintessential Bondmobile. The Vanquish was AM's flagship for seven years, until Aston "temporarily" replaced it with the '07 DBS. The S is a dramatic design, but all those holes in the hood, carbon-fiber insertions and big aprons make it look "overtuned." It's a little bit too flashy for those of us who prefer to be stirred, not shaken. (Aren't Lambos supposed to be the whip of choice for the guy that shows-up at the party with gold chains around his neck?) James Bond himself doesn't seem to be too fond of the DBS; he keeps destroying it. In 2010, we'll the Vanquish's "legitimate" successor. Meanwhile, I took the liberty of photochopping one for you. You may notice that I preserved some elements from the original car, like the prominent rear shoulders, the round fog-lights and the chrome accents that begin at the base of the A-pillars and join under the rear window. The rest was just an effort to keep it simple and elegant. Aston heritage speaks softly. And carries a big stick.

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  • Martin B Martin B on Jul 07, 2008

    I walk past an Aston Martin dealership about once a week, and always spend a few minutes drooling at the showroom window. Their current range is undoubtedly the most beautiful range of cars ever put out by any manufacturer anytime, anywhere. I think they visually de-tuned the DBS from the screen version. At any rate, I remember it being as tasteful as the other models. (It's been sold so I can't see it any more.) Re your photochop: I'd have at least seven spokes in the rims, but otherwise it looks pretty Aston-y.

  • Dean Dean on Jul 07, 2008

    The line of the rear fender looks a little too Dodge Charger for my liking. The current Vanquish is so drop-dead gorgeous I don't know how they can hope to improve it.

  • Geggamoya Geggamoya on Jul 08, 2008

    "In 2010, we'll the Vanquish's "legitimate" successor." I think you missed a word there ;)

  • MgoBLUE MgoBLUE on Jul 08, 2008

    That is beautiful. But I'd be lying if I said it didn't remind me (a bit) of the new Accord Coupe.