24 Hours of LeMons: War and Natural Disasters

Mike Solowiow
by Mike Solowiow
24 hours of lemons war and natural disasters

Mr Lieberman, and Mr Mehta, I have to concede defeat. There will be no running of the Audi V8 Uber-quattro at the Texas event, as I now posess a lump of modern art sculpted by Mother Nature herself, instead of an all-dominating all-wheel drive wonder. Recently, a fire started in the fields next to the Audi due to a severe lightning storm. The flames swept across the fields like the opening lines to "Oklahoma!" and turned the Audi into a Renault Fuego, complete with a fried fringe on top. The carbon fiber hood melted to form a really interesting mold of the now carbonized engine. At least the old Audi Fox GTI survived intact, an even more irreplaceable Teutonic masterpiece. I guess I can't be too despondent, as I have also learned the military will not let me compete, as I will be deploying to the Middle East shortly, where I will spend some much needed time flogging Nissan Urvans, and loathing over Hyundai Trajets. Good luck Sajeev, take video and pictures of the Lincoln of the Apocolypse to share with me, and the Best and Brightest.

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