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One man\'s loss is another man\'s gainAmerica has the hots for hybrids. On the flip side of high gas prices, the value of any vehicle with fuel economy below 20 mpg has collapsed. Brand new "gas guzzlers" sit on dealer lots collecting incentives, rebates, finance deals and dust. The price of used fuel-suckers has dropped by 25 percent in the last four months, and THEN the rest. This is the perfect time to shop for a twin-turbo twelve-cylinder behemoth.

The 2006 Mercedes S65 was the first model where the automaker's in-house uber-tuners (AMG) massaged the standard issue triple "T." They coaxed the powerplant's output to heroic levels: 604 horsepower and 738 lb. ft. of torque. Why the Mercmeisters decided to drop this gi-normous powerplant into the last year of the previous S Class is anyone's guess; it preordained owners to extra-cataclysmic depreciation.

Feels as classy as it looksDid the owners know they were lighting C-notes on fire? Who knows? At the risk of being labeled an unrepentant capitalist, one man's cash conflagration is another man's sense of smug satisfaction. I found no less than 18 S65s on line. Prices ranged from $60k to $90k, depending on miles. I drove two S65s extensively, earning myself a traffic violation in my quest for knowledge.

Let's address the mileage issue right off the bat. Driven sensibly, an S65 averages 17 mpg overall. That's not bad for a 5k pound leviathan. And that's all I've got to say about that.

The engine's aural delights are evident only upon start-up. The motor barks authoritatively then settles to a whisper, no matter where one is in the rev range. The driving experience is akin to flying a 747. There are millions of pounds of thrust whenever you wish, but there's too much mass to ever feel like you're moving sprightly. The throttle is limo-compliant; not much happens during the first two inches of travel. Follow your natural instinct is to press harder and you'd better have the wheels pointed straight ahead, unless there are no other planes, I mean vehicles nearby.

The next time you see it, it\'ll be a gray blur in your peripheral visionAt full throttle, the S65's turbos whistle louder than the engine roars. (And that's saying something.) Once the twin impellers spool up, you immediately understand how Boeing's biggest get off the ground. Zero to 60 takes four seconds. Porsches? Pffff! Even sport motorcycles are an easy kill.

Despite the Swabian anti-gravity device known as Active Body Control, the S65 plows mightily through sharp bends. High speed sweepers are another matter; the big Merc is endlessly, frighteningly competent. The S65 AMG puts the Gee in GT. The brakes are like the throttle: not much happens in the first inch or two, then the giant binders impart the most G-force the luxobarge can generate. Who knew 747s could land on an aircraft carrier?

While the S65's cabin doesn't offer a Bentley-esque sense of occasion, the [other] German transcontinental express embodies a sense of timelessness. In other words, the S65's interior is hopelessly conservative. There is, of course, a sybarite of luxury touches. All visible surfaces are swathed in fragrant, soft touch leather, stitched to an inch (millimeter?) of its life. My desk should be made of such wood.

Two turbos, no waitingAmazingly, the S65's seats are softer than any modern day Cadillac's or Lexus'. The Merc's thrones include "drive dynamic:" side bladders inflate inversely to the direction of turn-in during cornering, to better brace the driver. In reality, it feels like a poorly trained masseuse pummeling you in all the wrong places. More usefully, fans blow cool air through the perforated leather seats. 

Otherwise, the gizmo count is a little light, especially compared with today's entry-level Infinitis. The satellite radio and a navigation system shows virtually no road names on the display, despite having a DVD source drive. Your Mercedes dealer will gladly hit you up for $2k-plus to rectify the factory's oversight in the Bluetooth department. At least the Bose sound system is better in this application than virtually any other, with an outstanding sound field. Double-paned windows keep ambient sound to a minimum, adding to the concert hall sensation.

Two years ago, when new, the Mercedes S65 sold for $180k. I bought a pristine example with 23k on the clock for $70k. There are still two years or 27k miles left on the original manufacturer's warranty. The nice folks over at were kind enough to write me a two-year lease, so I will never have to worry about maintenance or how many times she was ridden hard and put away wet.

It doesn\'t look that fast....To paraphrase Charles Dickens, this is the worst of times and this is the best of times. If you're looking for maximum bang for the buck, or a Mercedes built like they used to, there are many fine AMG models waiting for a new home. The S65 AMG is The Daddy.     

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51 Comments on “2006 Mercedes AMG S65 Review...”

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    This is sort of BMW M3-money. I think you made the right choice! As you said, it’s a 747 on wheels.

    Out of curiosity, what did the folks predict for depreciation over the next 2 years? I’m guessing $30k. So it’s an expensive choice even after the first owner took the biggest hit.

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    I’m a little surprised that the depreciation on these would be any higher now than it’s ever been.

    To wit: If one can afford $80k or $100k or…$180k capital expense for a vehicle, then surely the difference between 17mpg and less-powerful 23-25mpg would not be that substantial in the running costs of the machine. There is still a lot of depreciation to be had on the long trip from $80k down to $20k or wherever this beast might bottom out.

    Anyway, very nice review! I really enjoy reading about used cars and obscure Euro-market cars on TTAC.

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    Great review Jay.

    Yep, back in the last March I was able to buy a 2002 Mercedes S500 with custom 20″ wheels and triple ventilated dis brakes for the whopping sum of $12,600.

    Of course it had many more miles than yours (105k) and I put about $500 in repairs for the A/C and small electrics (the later will become a biannual ritual). But it’s been seamless for the last 8,000 miles and I can honestly get 20 mpg in combined driving.

    When you get into one of these things nothing can bother you. It reminds me a lot of the Jaguar XJ’s in that it serves as a stress reducer whenever things get a little too hairy on the daily drives. Every time I get the inclination to flip the proverbial one fingered salute, I just say to myself, “Screw it. I’m in an S-Class. I’ll just listen to the radio and play with the controls.”

    If it only made me coffee and found out where the lowest price gas is, it would be absolutely brilliant.

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    “Zero to 60 takes four seconds. Porsches? Pffff! Even sport motorcycles are an easy kill”

    Let’s be clear. If you mean by “easy kill” running them over and not noticing, that’s one thing, but a 4 second 0-60 is laughably slow even for 600cc sportbikes, let alone literbikes.

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    Even sport motorcycles are an easy kill.

    I’ll pile on here… my ‘slow’ VFR800 sport-tourer, which has less than 100 hp on tap, will hit 60 in about 3.6 seconds. Modern liter bikes will be nearly a full second ahead of this Merc by 60 mph. As Colin Chapman so eloquently put it, mass is the enemy.

    Nice review, Jay. These are just too large for me and, even with the warranty, I’d tire of trips to the dealer for all the niggling repairs.

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    at first i thought they finally fixed those stupid fenders/wheel arches. then i saw it was a 2006. oh well, i wasn’t in the market for a six-figure sedan anyway

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    This is a great looking car, and the engine is incredible. The ’65’ motor with the twin turbos added to the V12 is pretty much where Mercedes lost their minds and decided to put absolutely ridiculous amounts of horsepower and torque in their cars.

    I’ve always loved S-Classes. They just seem to have a ‘presence’ about them that you don’t find in a 7-Series, A8 or especially an LS (the Jag XJ does it for me though)

    Looking at that picture of the interior was disappointing though. I would have thought the interior could look a little nicer for $180k new. I’m sure all the materials are top-notch, but the basic styling of the interior does absolutely nothing for me. There are cars that are 1/6th of the price this car was new that have more visually appealing interiors, although I’m sure none of those interiors would have the tactile quality of the S65’s

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    I saw this show on Speed channel about low riders.
    One of the guy who built low riders said that he doesn’t like big wheels or big rims because it’s only made for trucks not for cars.

    604 hp with a 738 lb pound of torque is premature.
    how about 500 hp with 3000 lb of torque on a 4 cylinder with 28 mpg.

    Get a speeding ticket on third gear.

    Yap I can understand a 747 need a lot of horsepower to haul its heavy body.

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    All Money Gone indeed. Most high-end luxury car buyers buy new and trade their cars often (or just lease them). Unfortunately, the W220 S-Class doesn’t have as much presence as older S-Classes. To get a Mercedes like they used to build them, you’d have to go back another generation.

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    Sounds like you scored quite a bargain Jay. Thanks for the used car review, and keep ’em coming (out of production cars especially)

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    Excellent choice.

    I’m keeeping tabs on the E55 and E63 AMG wagons myself…

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    Nice! So this is the special car Mr. Farago was talking about on yesterday’s podcast. You make it seem as though buying this car was so easy and cheap just because it’s depreciated a little bit! You’re still talking quite alot of money!

    But wow, 600 hp, 700 torques for 17 mpg doesn’t sound bad at all!

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    Leasecompare predicted that the value of this vehicle will depreciate only another 22% in the next two years. I think that might be a touch optimistic.

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    Nice review Jay. It just goes to show that while the majority of the public are crying foul about gas prices, others are taking in the fact that now is the time to buy stealth speeders like the S65 at pretty good prices.

    Heck, if I could afford $40g for a used E55 I’d take it. Always nice to see used car reviews like this.

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    motorcycle guys>

    He said “sport motorcycles” not supersport.

    I would imagine this would be faster than a gs500F, ninja 250. It would be close with a ninja 500 (wikipedia says 3.76s 0-60).

    I think it would be creamed in acceleration by pretty much any supersport at least up to the 1/4 mile mark.

    Assuming he is not meaning “supersport” or “superbike”, he is arguably correct.

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    hmm…i not sure how i feel about the author reviewing the car he owns…the biggest compliant was the side bolster feel funny when you turn. And im not sure when 17mpg became a good thing. for me the “truthiness” just went the window.

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    I think Jay’s point might be that although you can drive a sport motorcycle to get 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, you might not do that most of the time, while it’s completely effortless to go 4 seconds on this car in supreme comfort and little drama.

    I have a S500 and I beat most anything on the road even though my 0-60 time is a relatively calm 6.1 seconds.


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    My 1999 C43 AMG has had one problem in the nine years I have owned it, a defective flywheel sensor.With care I get 26 mpg on the highway, and I am sure much less on trips to Publix. With no drama, it will still run 14 second quarter miles.What’s better, it is paid for.

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    David Dennis> Where do you live? My STi is slow/equal compared to pretty common cars here…higher end porsches (i see 2 or 3 Porsche turbos around here regularly), sports bikes, newer m3’s, etc. I’m not even in Cali…

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    jchennav Says:
    July 23rd, 2008 at 10:29 am
    Unfortunately, the W220 S-Class doesn’t have as much presence as older S-Classes. To get a Mercedes like they used to build them, you’d have to go back another generation.

    I often hear this kind of comment when it comes to MB. My next-door neighbor is a big fan of 1990’s-era E-class sedans, picks them up used for only a few grand, I believe…

    Just curious, but is there a link out there specifying what manufacturing years correspond to the “good ol’ days” people refer to in old Mercs? (broken down [no pun intended!] by “X”-class, if possible… e.g. E-class, C-class, etc.)


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    I think Jay’s point might be that although you can drive a sport motorcycle to get 0-60 in 3.6 seconds, you might not do that most of the time, while it’s completely effortless to go 4 seconds on this car in supreme comfort and little drama.

    Well, with all the motorcycles I’ve had, accelerating is effortless and unbelievably, best-things-in-life fun. And you still get sweet mileage. Just sayin’.

    I have a S500 and I beat most anything on the road even though my 0-60 time is a relatively calm 6.1 seconds.

    Yeah, nobody else is really trying, especially now in $4-gas times. In all seriousness, I get holeshots all day long, almost never being beat from lights, and I have a serious urban commute with dozens of stoplights. My current weapon? A 50cc 2-stroke scooter. ;-)

    He said “sport motorcycles” not supersport.
    I would imagine this would be faster than a gs500F, ninja 250. It would be close with a ninja 500 (wikipedia says 3.76s 0-60).

    Wow, the idea of a twin-turbo V-frikin’-12, 100k+ auto beating up on a Ninja 250 is just tasteless. Candy from babies and all that. The “ninja” 250 is a tiny, 20-year-old design beginner bike. (Great fun, but literally one of the meekest of all motos, with HP in the mid 20’s). The GS500f is also a hopelessly ancient design and was a cheapo starter bike when it was introduced in the late 80’s. (Though still a useful and fun commuter weapon, especially with the fairing they put on there a few years back.)

    I think it would be creamed in acceleration by pretty much any supersport at least up to the 1/4 mile mark. Assuming he is not meaning “supersport” or “superbike”, he is arguably correct.

    Dunno. Pretty much everything that isn’t a scooter, cruiser, dual-purpose, or MSF-used beginnerbike is gonna be right up there with the giganto-Benz, or leaving it far behind in a drag race. Doesn’t take away from the glory of an S-class, but trotting out the ol’ “quicker than a moto” bit just doesn’t hold water.

    We’re talking vehicles that weigh as much as one of the (ac-riddled, reactive-air bladdered(!)) front seats in this uber-benz, with 60-150+hp motivating it.

    The flip-side of my nit-picky argument, which I fully comprehend: Bobby Mugabe would not floss a GSXR, but I bet he’s got a stable of S-classes.

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    I checked my local Craigslist to see if any late model “captain of industry” luxo barges were filtering their way down to the proletariat. Only a 2008 model offered as a lease take over; 23K down and $2700 a month for 48months.

    I’m still a little short.

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    There are 18 2006 S65’s on Autotrader right now, all under $90K.

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    Its a wonderful car and the power is totally addictive.

    Most folks are terribly afraid of used 12 cyl cars its one of the reason that they depreciate at such a good rate.

    Good thing that you have a 24 month lease, and hopefully its a walk away lease, once the warranty is up most M-B dealers are not interested in touching those cars except for routine service.

    When you throttle one up…they just pull and pull, and pull, and keep on going.

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    I bet I’d prefer the S500 or S550 over the S65 for the value, but I’d be sad I missed out on so much acceleration of so much mass.

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    Nice choice! It’s good to see someone thinking like I am – fuel prices weed out the uncommitted owners allowing the enthusiasts to get great cars for next to nothing.

    In my case, my budget was a lot more meagre but my aim was the same – I picked up a 91 Infiniti Q45 for 2900$. That’s less than 1/10th the original US MSRP. It has some niggles but was well cared for and it’s a fine driver, except for the single digit fuel “economy” around town – for the price I paid I couldn’t care less. It’s like the old Mercedes W140s – big, comfy but surprisingly nice to drive and with enough power to keep you happy. I’d still like to pick up a W140 sometime in the future, they are truly amazing cars in terms of build quality, and the 6.0L V12 is surprisingly quick.

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    The ninja250 is higher hp than ALOT of bikes people use… long as you aren’t in the USA.

    I can guarantee you that a ninja250 is faster than 95% of the motorcycles on the road in Brazil.

    Also, 250cc’s can be “fast” (rgv250, aprilia rs250)

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    are there really double pained window? I didn’t think that was possible in a car!

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    Great review, Jay…though I took advantage of the depreciation on a similar vehicle long before gas hit $4/gal.

    As to all the motorcycle defenders, keep in mind that while most bikes have the advantage 0-60…that is the weakest range of acceleration for the S65. Even many of today’s potent bikes will have their hands full with the AMG V12s from 80 mph up into the triple digits…..not that I would ever engage in such a contest…. ;-)

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    “Two years ago, when new, the Mercedes S65 sold for $180k. I bought a pristine example with 23k on the clock for $70k.”

    So, um, you decided against an S4 or an M3? Maybe you have so much dough that you thought buying a car with body panels that would make an aircraft carrier proud would make you happy?

    Boy, you got ripped off.

    You wanna buy a bridge?

  • avatar

    Speaking of relative bargains, I was recently offered a 2006-ish SL55 for a mere $36k. Unfortunately, even with a lifetime replacement warranty for the Sensotronic braking, I don’t have the financial resources for it (such as the $800 batteries). Thankfully, you’re on a lease within factory warranty.

    I simultaneously adore and abhor the S/SL/C/CL65 AMG cars for representing fine engineering and hedonism.

    Where do I get my hands on one to find out what 738ft-lb face-melting torque feels like? :)

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    Hmm…Not too sure about this purchase.

    At first I thought it would be the new model, but then I saw the pictures…

    In the end it’s a previous gen S-Class with a (very) big engine. And there is always a problem with the previous gen S-Class at any time, because no family will buy one, and they are usually bought by people with questionnable livelyhoods, people who like to pimp their ride (and other things) with nasty looking rims and fake AMG badges.

    Perception is reality.

    Sure, it’s a bargain if you consider the original price, but is it really? Who would pay that original price in the first place, and how much is a used 2007 S63 AMG?

    I’m afraid that in 2-3 years, this car will be seriously uncool (in TopGear terms) and it will take about 20 years and 1 or 2 new generations of S-Class for it to become cool again. It’s basically buying an engine for 70K.

    Luckily though it’s a 2 year lease so you won’t have to worry about most of that…My guess though is that a certain Audi R8 will be getting some more miles than originally planned soon.

  • avatar

    There are still two years or 27k miles left on the original manufacturer’s warranty.

    From my experience, that translates to:
    – 2 years of yelling at the car because something has gone wrong again,
    – 2 years of yelling at the dealer because they won’t make an appointment for two weeks to look at it,
    – 2 years of yelling at the dealer when they say now that they have diagnosed the problem (or, more than likely, not) you will have to bring the car in a month from now, because they are booked,
    – 2 years of yelling when you get the bill for their misdiagnosis and poorly done work

    Sorry to strike a sour note, but from my experience Mercedes quality and service sucks.

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    That only Benz I will buy is the
    2009 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG Black Series

    All Carbon Fiber.

  • avatar

    All carbon fiber….no more retractable hardtop….but still 4000 lbs!

  • avatar

    Nice review, Jay! The amazing value of these cars (provided you lease within the warranty period, or buy one CPO from the dealer) makes purchasing any new sedan/coupe/convertible in the big Merc’s price class a bad idea. Well maybe not bad, but that torque and all the luxury of a Mercedes for that much money sure works for me.

    Jay, I’d like to know your thoughts on MB’s addition to the 6.3L motors for another level of AMG cars. For example, are they further saturating the brand with another AMG variant?

  • avatar

    The ’63 series engines (really 6.2L) replaced the old ’55 (5.4L) motored cars in the E, ML, CLS, SL, S, C, CLK, and CL class…so I don’t see any further saturation, unless they produce them in higher numbers than before.

  • avatar

    I feel that AMG has already over saturated the marketplace. Clearly selling cars at $180K which are worth less than half in two years is a warning sign. I love their product but they lack exclusivity and they are based on prolific models. Now it appears that they are segmenting their business into 3 tiers- AMG products priced under $100K and this would be their mass market cars like the C63 and E63; AMG Gold priced under $150K including slightly more exclusive cars like the S63 and SL63; and AMG Black priced above $200K.

  • avatar

    By model year 2004 they crossed the shark in the reliability of these cars it started getting better. A 2006 should not have many issues or not as many as the earlier model years.

    These cars a excellent value for the money, and any die hard “gearhead” should experience, if not own a sedan with this level of power. These cars are in a distinct and exclusive automotive performance orbit.

    Its not the exclusivity, its the performance that is the value proposition of these cars. The power delivery of a 12 cyl is an experience.

  • avatar

    What a car! I’ll always like older MB products, notsomuch the newer stuff but you cannot deny the incredible performance these cars give and the fact that they could run all-day long at high speeds. Something I’m not sure the Japanese luxury/performances cars can (or should) do, as they aren’t really put to that test all too often.

    Sadly, my parents are on #4 and probably the last: 190 2.3, 300E 4matic, AMG E50, and currently an E430 4matic (W210). All excellent cars but the newer models, while having an abundance of technology and power, just don’t feel the same. And while their quality has been improving since the W211, the last W210s are rock-solid and carry a traditional MB design (except for the headlights which still look a bit funky).

    But the AMGs will always be an awesome car, even though they are saturating the market a bit and not really the specialized models they once were.

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    I’ve driven the S65 for half a day. 0-100kmh is meaningless, cause this rwd car cannot grip on dry tarmac below 100kmh, ASR light is not flicking, it is turned ON when going full throttle. But when the car starts to grip, it is faster at speeds 100kmh and up than most 600cc Supersport bikes, only the most modern 600cc bikes with 120+hp can keep up with this Merc at higher speeds.

    The owner who let me drive the car told that during his 60.000kmh ownership there were numerous faulty electronic and suspension parts replaced with warranty. I don’t want to be in the next owners shoes when the warranty has ended.

  • avatar

    $60-90k? What a steal! I’ll take three.

  • avatar

    But when the car starts to grip, it is faster at speeds 100kmh and up than most 600cc Supersport bikes, only the most modern 600cc bikes with 120+hp can keep up with this Merc at higher speeds.

    Right. Pretty amazing that something with a 0.6 liter engine, that costs under 10 grand new and is civil enough for daily use can keep up.

    But then there are lots of liter+bikes with *gulp* a full 1/6th of the displacement of this ultimate-luxo-barge…

    The Truth About Cars is that with very rare and extremely expensive exceptions, modern sportbikes accelerate faster, due to insane p/w ratios. Expensive cars with huge engines (or extremely lightweight cars) can begin to overcome the huge moto p/w ratio advantage at higher speeds (especially of sub liter powered models) due to the generally poor c/d of motos, but that range of automobile is likely out of reach financially of most folks.

    I heartily encourage anyone interested in the AMG s65 experience to search for it on YouTube. There’s tons of content to view the power and solidity (and hear the engine!) of this amazing car, including in-car accelerations (insane for such a heavy car, but naturally slower than a moto, see below) drag racing, roaring around tracks following a Lambo, and even some horrific abuse footage (at the hands of Turks!?) of standing burnouts right up through tire failure.

    And while you’re at it, watch this *heavy* and luxo BMW literbike (i.e. not the quickest) to witness somegorgeous moto acceleration, with folks doubting literbike 60-to triple digit speeds paying special attention to the 100-160kph time.

  • avatar

    Mercedes is still in the U.S. market? I did not know that. Oh wait, I did see a late model overpriced heap on the side of the interstate today. Nevermind…

  • avatar

    I’ve ridden the K1200R (naked S), it’s quick once you get into the higher revs (it may be big and heavy, but it has 160-odd hp) but the torque and acceleration is piddling compared to a current litrebike. The last 1000 I rode was an 05 GSXR1000 and it was simply warp-speed in any gear at any revs.

    Even my old 916 will school just about anything with four wheels. A claimed 114 hp and it can still crack 10s in the quarter and I’ve heard of 0-60 under 3 seconds in capable hands (all that V-twin grunt and tractability is useful for takeoff, keep in mind that number includes a shift into second because it tops out around 55mph in first).

    Car guys like to think they can beat motorcycles, but short of a twin-turbo Vette/Viper/whatever with umpteen million horsepower, or a very dangerous top speed race where the motorcycle hits the aerodynamic wall, it just isn’t in the cards. Sorry folks.

  • avatar


    Your old 916 will will the 0-60 sprint, no doubt, but trust me, an umpteen million HP TT Vette is not needed to beat you from 80-150. A stock 604 HP S65 will do just fine.

  • avatar

    I didn’t say my 916 would beat it, I’m just pointing out that a “old, slow” bike is still fast enough make a car guy’s head spin. Top speed is not it’s strength, and I’m the last person who is going to show up on a youtube video racing some dick in a Viper at 150 mph.

    Hop on a GSXR1000 or an R1 or whatever current four cylinder litrebike you want and it will redefine your conception of space and time. Somewhere around 180 hp and 430-odd pounds ready to ride. Do the math.

  • avatar

    Did the math 20 years ago..power/weight ratio, blah blah blah. Most of us “car guys” like our cars better than bikes because of the lower speed/death ratio. Some, like me, have spent enough time in ER’s to prefer our speed with seatbelts, crumple zones, and airbags. I know….wussies!

    It always makes me laugh when bike guys brag they can outrun cars despite having 1/5 the displacement. I guess I’m the same way, enjoying outrunning bikes on the highway despite having 10 times the weight. ;-)

  • avatar

    Did the math 20 years ago..power/weight ratio, blah blah blah…lower speed/death ratio…time in ER’s…seatbelts, crumple zones, and airbags…wussies!…enjoying outrunning bikes on the highway…

    Risk and rewards, no? Must be mighty exhilarating, all that power you’re holstering. But facing the truth here, you make a boo-boo while outrunning a literbike (yahright) on a highway, if you’re lucky you’ll be in the ER too, no doubts, airbags or no.

    Moto folks on this thread aren’t arguing about relative safety, or choices in life regarding risk/rewards…just laying out “TTAC” in that one can’t post that a 4 second 0-60 auto is going to out accelerate a sportbike (article isn’t even referring to 60-120, and specifically calls out sportbikes as an “easy kill”). The statement may have been caused by new purchase enthusiasm, or depreciation-induced confusion, but it really is laughably inaccurate. S’all.

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    I agree, nice review, and sounds like a great car.

    Enjoy it!

  • avatar

    Bought mine with 10,400 miles for 42K. Seriously sweet beast especially at a 76% discount. More power than you will ever need………………….but is there ever enough? Not many color choices available but nothing wrong with blk/blk.

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