Volt Birth Watch 58: "Notional Targets"

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams

Earlier this year, GM Car Czar Bob Lutz announced that his employer was [theoretically] set to build about 10k plug-in electric – gas hybrid Volts in the car's first year of production, "so we can deal with any issues before we really crank up for high volumes." In an email to the Detroit Free Press, GM's Chairman of Vice confirmed the initial 10k run in 2011, and then set a number for 2012: 60k units. Considering that GM is what's commonly called a "volume automaker," and the fact that Toyota has sold 79,765 Priora so far this year, that seems like mighty small beer. Which just got smaller. Maximum Bob admitted that the production stats are "notional targets." GM may offer even less Voltage in the model's first year "to ensure that all vehicles built are safe and high quality." Oh yeah, and "the actual number [built in the first two years] is highly dependent on electrical component supplier capability and battery experience." So there you have it. GM will produce 10k Volts in the first year. Or not. And produce 60k Volts in the second year. Or not. But they definitely will produce Volts. Or not.

Frank Williams
Frank Williams

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  • KixStart KixStart on Jun 23, 2008

    Buick61, Those are highly capable Chevys. Who pays $40K for a commuter car? And, come to think of it, a few of those on your list are less and less likely to command a $40K transaction price.

  • Kevin Kevin on Jun 23, 2008

    Slide the roll out by two years, cut the numbers in half, and possibly change the name to "Toyota's GM Division", and maybe that'll be about right. Anyway another object lesson in just how achingly slow the emergence of any alt-fuel technology will be.

  • Jjdaddyo Jjdaddyo on Jun 23, 2008

    Sounds like reality is a "notional target" for Batty Bob.

  • Rodster205 Rodster205 on Jun 23, 2008

    If you don't think the Volt is way overhyped already, just remember that by 2010 they mean LATE 2010. It's only mid-2008 now, which means we get to hear about the Volt for two more years before they even produce the first one! At least they years of over-promotion of the new Camaro are finally over and I can now buy one. Oh wait...