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lexus_hybrid_mpv_ttac_01_02.jpgThought that the LF-A will be a brand diluting agent for Lexus? Well, seems like the Japanese have something a lot better in mind for that job. Lexus has announced plans to sell a "luxury Prius." Lexus will present their HPV (Hybrid Purpose Vehicle sounds cheesy enough to me) alongside the next gen Prius at the next North American International Auto Show. Why make a luxury version of the Prius? God knows. I can only guess that tree-hugger superstars that used to drive Priora complained about the car's increasing popularity and plebeian interior. For this rendering, I tried to add some IS headlights onto a Prius. The resulting hybrid hybrid looked plain dumb. Once I decided that the "ordinary L-finesse" wouldn't work, I opted for some manga lines that emphasize the car's expensive-toy status. You know, Toyota might want to forget about the Hybrid Purpose Vehicle appellation, considering the whole human papillomavirus thing.

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    I thought the purpose of a hybrid was to take advantage of it’s fuel thriftiness to save money. The idea of a $40K hybrid seems to be self-defeating in this case, much in the same vein as it is in a hybrid Tahoe.

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    Doesn’t HPV cause cervical cancer? Isn’t there a vaccine for it now?

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    That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the HPV name: why would I buy a car that shares its initials with a disease? But then, Chevy seems to have done okay selling “SS” badged models in spite of the Nazi connotations.

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    You should probably look for ideas in the new prius concept showed here on TTAC before. I think a rendering starting from that concept makes more sense.

    Toate cele bune…

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    “Why make a luxury version of the Prius? Fuck knows.”

    Thats pretty harsh. Clearly Lexus needs a dedicated hybrid, as they have staked their reputation and future on hybrid technology. Why not use a proven platform, lke the Prius?

    No one, save for a few “enthusiasts” in the blogosphere really cares if a Lexus is based on an existing platform, as long as the car itself is worthwhile. Hence, Lexus sells more RXs and ESs than any other models. The buyers really could care less that the platform also rides under Camrys and Siennas. The engineeering folks at Lexus are clearly as responsible for developing these platforms as the ones at Toyota, which is why the platforms are so damn good.

    Now why do it? Well a few of us eco-conscious consumers actually like cars. Shocking I know. I guarantee you, I did not cross shop my Prius with a Corolla, Fit, or any other econobox. I was looking at small luxury sports cars. If there had been no Prius, I would have purchased an IS300 Sportcross or A4 Avant (I like 5 doors). A Lexus hybrid based on a Prius is the perfect car for me. There are plenty of car buyers who want the practicality of the hybrid with a little more style, sophistication, and features. These are the same people that will buy the RX400h instead of the Highlander hybrid. Lexus sells a couple thousand of those each month, despite costing $40-50K. Surely they can sell 5000 Lexus small hybrids at $30K.

    And just because your rendering comes out looking like a first gen Honda minivan, doesnt mean the Lexus hybrid will look anything like that.

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    Theodore :
    June 6th, 2008 at 12:39 pm

    That’s exactly what I thought when I saw the HPV name: why would I buy a car that shares its initials with a disease? But then, Chevy seems to have done okay selling “SS” badged models in spite of the Nazi connotations.

    Well, GM also has a SUV named after a blowjob.

    Of course, they aren’t the only ones. I’m kind of amazed anybody would buy a car with the same name as the acronym Killed In Action. And the Indians have a car named after boobs.

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    They’ll sell a ton of them and make a mint. There are plenty of B- and C-list celebs who can’t swing an LS600h who’ll buy one.

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    Let’s stop with the idle speculation, shall we?

    Where exactly has Toyota confirmed this Lexus model will be a “luxury Prius”?

    Toyota has ONLY said that this will be a hybrid-only Lexus model.

    Saying it will be a “luxury Prius” is nothing more than idle speculation and assumption. Until Toyota officials says so, we don’t know for sure what this new Lexus hybrid model will be.

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    Why do you think luxury car buyers are not interested in smaller fuel efficient cars? Read BMW forums – a lot of people want 120d here.

    Prius is a good car, but interior is really a Corolla. GS 450h has too much power and no real benefits. I don’t want 400h either.

    I will absolutely buy Prius-based Lexus wagon. Just a tad bigger engine (1.6-1.8) and a lot better interior and I’ll happy to pay 35K.

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    @ incitatus
    Thanks for the tip! I think that the lines of the Toyota Hybrid X are too “daring” for a Lexus. That’s why I went for something more appropriate for a luxury brand.
    Incantat de cunostinta!

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