Question of the Day: What Are You Seeing on the Road?

question of the day what are you seeing on the road

To be honest, I really feel like writing, "ARGH!!!!!!! $4.59 for premium this morning! ARGH!!!!!!!" Especially because less than two months ago I was bitching and moaning about $3.99 per gallon. Might be time to put me on suicide watch come August. Ahem. Like all of you, as I drive I am constantly scanning the road for cars. Not so much to drive better. Rather, I just love cars. In fact, one of the aspects I most enjoy about Los Angeles is the constant non-stop parade of interesting cars. A few weeks ago I saw nine Aston Martins in a day– and only one was a DB7. I also saw three Ferraris, several Bentleys, a Rolls Phantom and Maserati GranTurismo, the latter being more beautiful than you can imagine. Plus, of course, more Porsches than you can shake a pair of Pilotis at. But aside from the exotic metal, LA serves as a starting point for trends. Let me put it this way — when we reported that Toyota had sold 1 million Priora, I wasn't surprised. At all. Nor was I shocked to learn that while Toyota sales are stumbling, Yaris sales are through the bloody roof. Between yesterday and today, I've counted 17 of the beefy looking pods. What have you been seeing?

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  • Dwyka Dwyka on Jun 04, 2008

    In Chicago I see the same ol crap that I've been seeing for the past couple of years, most of it boring to butt ugly. When are the stylists going to shake it up a bit? I do see less traffic on the weekends except for tourists coming into town.

  • Rtz Rtz on Jun 04, 2008

    Way more bikes in certain parts of town. Lots of little high mpg scooters too.

  • Mn11347 Mn11347 on Jun 04, 2008

    spent last week in Los Angeles, Pasadena, La Canada: wall to wall cars. Mercedes are passe; saabs and audi's are second cars; Lexus and jaguar very common; still the occasional Bently and more escalades than ever seen anywhere. Then a whole lot of Ford Escape and Prius hybrids. Very nice vehicles and politically correct. So, the Political correct crowd, drive hybrids to work, but keep prestige cars for nite life and show off, Day; Saturday at the chic malls. jack

  • Supremebrougham Supremebrougham on Jun 04, 2008

    Steven Lang, I always appreciate your insights and commentaries. I live about seventy miles north of Bay City, so I am curious as to where this donut shop is you speak of? You really nailed the profile of this area. And the used car market in Bay City is rather interesting. I enjoy strolling through the two major import lots there on the weekend, the variety and quality of the cars is usually very nice. For some reason a lot of people I talk to around here still think they can't live without their giant SUV's. My boss has a TrailBlazer and she asked me to look at it the other day and see if I could figure out what one of the pictogram idiot lights was supposed to mean. I noticed that the 4wd was engaged so I put it back into 2wd and the light went away. Anyways, I told her about that and then I said that she would also get a little better fuel economy. She replied, "I don't go anywhere, so I don't care what it gets..." Um, okay.