GM Recalls Hybrids Because of Leaking Batteries

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
gm recalls hybrids because of leaking batteries

GM's plans to sell 27k light hybrid vehicles this year have hit a snag. They've had to use one third of the battery packs earmarked for new car production to replace leaking battery packs in their 2007 model year mild hybrids. Automotive News [sub] reports the leaking nickel-metal hydride batteries, made by Cobasys, caused the hybrid system to shut down; the vehicles still ran in gas-only mode. A123-Cobasys is one of the companies developing the lithium-ion batteries for the Volt and plug-in hybrid Vue. If they can't build NiMH batteries that work, the more complex LiIon batteries could be something of a… challenge.

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  • Yankinwaoz Yankinwaoz on Jun 02, 2008

    Perhaps I didn't word my question clearly. What I was trying to understand was the customer experience with the NEW GM. Was this handled in the old notorious GM way? That is, did they try everything they could to weasel out of it? They they try to sweep it under the rug until it became clear that they could do so no longer? Or where they "On it"? They they pounce on the problem as soon as possible, and do everything they could to help their customer out? Did they take away customers cars for days? Did the customers have to bring the car in again and again trying to fix the problem. What did it take before GM was forced to admit that they have to replace the batteries? Are they also being proactive and replacing batteries before they fail? Are they denying fixes to customers with high-mileage vehicles? I don't expect a new car to be perfect. What make the difference is how the problems are handled. That is what I'm trying to judge. If GM wants people to have faith in their new tech, then they need to be proactive. They need to admit mistakes and correct them pronto. No BS. No of the old horrible dealer service experience.

  • Oboylepr Oboylepr on Jun 02, 2008

    Typical GM! The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • George Labrador George Labrador on Jun 02, 2008

    This is a very interesting article on Battery Packs, I suppose the old saying that "hurry makes waste" applies to GM in this case.

  • Bill Wade Bill Wade on Jun 02, 2008
    # NICKNICK : so can we file this one under “perception gap?” # driving course : Trust GM to make an environmental car into a potential environmental disaster. # seoultrain : Have both of the GM hybrid owners been notified? You guys are brutal....... .......or not. LOL LOL