Automakers Make Forbes's 10 Most "Reputable" Companies

Justin Berkowitz
by Justin Berkowitz
automakers make forbes s 10 most reputable companies

Well, Forbes has another one of its famous "lists of stuff." [Ed: I challenged them to send us a top ten list of their top ten lists. No dice.] This time, the company started by the guy who collected anything that wasn't nailed down offers a list of the ten most reputable global companies. Apparently that means companies people like the most (as opposed to sue the least). Among obvious favorites like Google, two car companies have made the grade. India's Tata conglomerate, which just picked up Land Rover and Jaguar for a song is beloved. (Although it should be remembered that Tata makes all manner of products from steel to tea). And as irritating as it is to those of us "in the know", Forbes's research seems to suggest Toyota has an unending bag full of goodwill. Note to Toyota: don't get cocky. You can bet the 1960 version of that list would have included Ford and GM.

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