"We Are Aware That There Are Those Who Say Police Should Have Better Things to Do, but This Ignores the Role Speed Plays in Fatal and Serious Road Traffic Collisions"

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago
we are aware that there are those who say police should have better things to do but

Pistonheads reports that Suffolk police are leading the charge to ensure that all UK motorists are banned from driving. OK, that's not the goal– even if it isn't entirely unimaginable. As befits the British Nanny State, the police are trying to ticket as many speeders as possible to stop them from killing themselves. Or others. Yes, we've been down this road (at the posted speed limit) before. But I think it's important for TTAC's Best and Brightest to appreciate the Suffolk Po-po's full commitment to public safety. Pistonheads reports that the constabulary nailed 94 percent more mobile scofflaws between April 21 and 27 than they'd collared during their previous six-day high water mark. We're talking 854 selfish bastards vs. 264 'scrotes. Assuming the absolute minimum possible fine for all [who bloody well should be] concerned– £44 or $86.2749– The Suffolk Old Bill added £37,576 ($73,668.63) to the county coffers. If they could maintain that pace (£6,262.66667 per day), they'd raise £2,285,873.33 ($4,481,316.10) in a year. But that's not the point, is it mate? Speaking on behalf of "you should see what I've scaped off the pavement" police everywhere, Sgt Steve Knight said a "significant" number of motorists have "failed to grasp the concept" that speed kills. "Motorists really have no excuse," he said.

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  • Driving course Driving course on May 09, 2008

    Another report from a senior policeman this week told us that the millions spent on CCTV was a waste of money because it didn't reduce crime or help solve crimes. Acts of violence are the #1 crime that the British public want reduced. The police are there to serve the public. The British public does not regard speeding as the #1 crime. The police really should get on with doing something useful - tackle knife crime and gun crime not somebody doing 35mph in a 30mph zone.

  • Menno Menno on May 09, 2008

    bunkie, nobody "demands" that you believe in a higher power than yourself, not even God himself. Otherwise we'd merely be robots. That is why there is free will. You can believe that or not, too. It's still a free country! But the facts are that many of the founders were devout Christians of various denominations or traditions, in fact the vast majority were. That is historically accurate and very well known. At least, until "newspeak" rewrites history, anyway. It's also known that many did not believe that this nation could stand long without God, and that God delivered this nation to freedom in our war for independence. I have an agnostic or possibly atheist friend and colleague at work who has worked relentlessly to see that Ron Paul is elected President of the United States. I would describe him as a constitutionalist and libertarian, and I respect him and his right to have his own beliefs and opinions about faith, and all other subjects. Even agsnostics and atheists can recognize that there is something "special" and unique about the United States and recognize that going back to basics - and actually paying attention to the United States Constitution - would be advantageous for all. Personally, with regards to speed limits, I would love to see higher speed limits on roads where this could be safe, AND even more importantly, would love to see the retraining of all drivers on the road to British or German standards, which will do more to improve safety than anything else we could do. Because in the UK and Germany, a good number of drivers actually concentrate on their driving while driving! I know, what a novel idea, eh? That is they are driving, instead of behind behind the steering wheel while- -drinking latte -slapping the kids in the back of the minivan -yakking continuously on the cell phone -eating a Burger King whopper while steering (?) with their knees -texting friends -or doing all of the above pretty much at the same time

  • Pch101 Pch101 on May 09, 2008
    But the facts are that many of the founders were devout Christians of various denominations or traditions, in fact the vast majority were. The intellectual firepower behind the Constitution and Declaration of Independence came from "deists," an 18th century version of political correctness that was used to describe agnostics and atheists. Jefferson coined the term "wall of separation" for a reason. Clearly, we didn't build that wall high enough. Should have included a fringe of barbed wire along the top and a few guard towers, while we were at it.

  • 2ronnies1cup 2ronnies1cup on Jun 16, 2011

    @menno "The United States Constitution was written for a people who believed in God" I think you'll find that a large number of the immigrants who built what is now the great Nation that is the United States of America were in fact fleeing from people who believed in their particular version of God a little too much. The part in the First Amendment prohibiting State endorsement of religion wasn't just put in to fill blank space. Think about it - it's in the FIRST amendment, there with the things that the Nation's architects considered essential and vitally impotrant. Some of them still remembered life in countries with state-sponsored religions. (Side observation - US has Constitutional prohibition of religion in State business, and has "In God We Trust" printed on the banknotes. Here in the UK, we have an official state endorsed religion, and what do we have on our banknotes? - Charles Darwin. Makes you think...) p.s. - Ron Paul - Isn't he the guy who wants to reinstate the Gold Standard for the US Dollar? That would work out just fine as long as you were OK with either the Dollar being devalued to around 3 Cents value, or thee price of gold rising to 1.5 million Dollars an ounce. There are just so many more Dollars out there in the world than grammes of gold.