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subaru_coupe_s_ttac_01_01.jpgAs all of us without what is euphemistically called "a life" know, Subaru and Toyota have joined forces to design and produce a new pair of coupes. Toyota is no stranger to coupes, Subaru is. Stranger that is. The new cars will most likely be based on a rear wheel-driver version of the Impreza, complete with boxer blowers. The new car(s) will definitely be a breath of fresh air in the cheap-sporty-fun class, which is currently dominated by front wheel-drive cars. As a Subaru, we expect a somewhat, uh, "different design" (nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition a gorgeous Subaru). I just hope the coupes won't share any genes from the B11S; a concept that was an evolutionary dead end way back in 2003. Keeping the lines simple would be so much better for Subaru– but it was hard for me to find a balance between my designer instincts and remaining faithful to Subaru's well-deserved reputation for aesthetic affronts. I have to admit I used the "unsexy-tool" on this one but only to make it realistic. I look forward to seeing how the real thing will turn out.

[For more Avarvarii photochopistry, click here]

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13 Comments on “TTAC Photochop: RWD Subaru Coupe...”

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    Sign me up. It’s better if the car doesn’t come adorned with aerodynamic candy from the factory, as the aftermarket will take care of that.

    Living 2 blocks away from the Toyota dealer means I can easily get the things I need to service the car myself. I just can’t imagine bringing any car I drive into a stealership for work. A cheap, sexy, reliable RWD coupe from Toyobaru would fill a void in my life left wide open by my old Porsche 944 once children started to enter my life.

    I’d like mine exactly how it looks in the picture, thank you very much.

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    The day Subie starts offering non-AWD and/or non-boxer engines is the day TTAC should start its Subaru Death Watch.

    The idea of Subaru producing a Celica Clone in RWD is a branding absurdity. It would be like Volvo producing a Mustang.

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    looks quite a bit like the departed Acura RSX

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    Whoa! That looks like a Hyundai Genesis without the ugly rear window kink! Oh, right, it’s a photoshop. Did you use a Hyundai Genesis as inspiration for that? It sure looks like you did.

    I like it. If they built it I might finally get something like what I’ve been looking for. I would like a RWD 4-cylinder coupe. It might even take me off the Mustangs and Camaros I’ve been looking at…

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    It’s needs AWD. There’s too much to lose in brand image not to make it standard. Give it a serious rear wheel bias and it’ll be a blast without the branding penalty.

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    I agree with Axel. I own a Legacy and the AWD was its main selling feature (since I live in the NE). Subaru worked hard to get the ‘all we sell are AWD vehicles’ message to the marketplace. This would just confuse customers…

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    Reminds me of a Tiburon…but I kinda like it.

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    Styling-wise it looks good enough. However, I don’t like Subarus because of their looks, I like them because of their overall performance package.

    Give the coupe AWD and some STI tweaks and now you have a budget GT-R.

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    Looks good, just like everything else you do!

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    Maybe the Subie version will cost $2,000 more and have AWD?

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    so generic it’s invisible

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    Too close to the Hyundai Genesis with a touch of Infiniti G35. Aside from the SVX, wouldn’t this car be an example of Subaru losing its brand focus?

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    For one, Subaru sells plenty of non-AWD vehicles outside the US. Hell, the Impreza comes in a weenie 1.5L FWD package. So while it’s going to be hard for Subaru to make the transition, they are increasingly pressured in the AWD niche. They can’t compete against a car maker that produces 10 to 100 times as many cars, the R&D, marketing, and tooling costs are just that much more a fact for small runs. Will this work, I don’t know, but it’s certainly not the death knell that everyone is making it.

    I also contend that making this car in both an AWD and RWD platform is patently absurd. The single best thing going for this car is the ability for Subaru/Toyota engineers to place the wheels next to the motor for a change, and finally address the understeer issue that the Impreza platform can’t seem to shake. By making this car AWD capable, you would (again) have the motor substantially in front of the wheels on a platform similar to the Impreza, just less two doors. It’s pointless. If you want AWD 2 door impreza, make one, don’t make something substantially more expensive to design that nets the same result. That would be a GM move. Or better yet, graft AWD on to a scion.

    This car needs to be RWD to be the kind of sporty, cheap, platform people here want.

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