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So when can we get it?The four-door coupe niche is really catching on. After VW's entry into the chop-top genre, Ford is set to present an [almost] low-cost version of the "eye candy sedan." Naturally, I'd like it to be what the current Mondeo could have been when I first saw the Iosis concept. And I expect it to be what the current Mondeo isn't: exciting. I was extremely disappointed when FoMoCo released the Mondeo sedan. Why would they say they were going to base the four-door's design on that stunning concept and then… you know? The only cool thing about Mondeo is that Bond drove it for a while. Actually it wasn't that cool; looking back at the scenes, it was kind of boring. Anyway, back to the four-door coupe: four individual seats, frame-less doors, high-tech lights (but not Iosis-droopy) and some genuine sex-appeal. Done.

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12 Comments on “TTAC Photochop: Ford Mondeo 4-Door “Coupe”...”

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    John R

    However, I have to argue that given the choice between the current Mondeo and a Fusion…you can see where I’m going here, can’t you?

    Every time I see someone driving a Fusion I think of that V8 vegetable juice commercial. ” THUNK!! You coulda had a Mazda 6!”

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    Wow. This may be my favorite TTAC chop of all time. Any way we can get this wallpaper-sized?

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    It’s only right that Ford join in on the 4-door coupe market – I saw a 1968 Thunderbird this weekend. Four-doors (rear suicide-style) with a vinyl roof (complete with Landau bars) covering the rear 1/2 of the rear window glass to give it a coupe look. The original 4-door coupe!!!

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    Wow. This may be my favorite TTAC chop of all time. Any way we can get this wallpaper-sized?

    Anyway we can get this actually produced?

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    I will be soon heading to the UK and my wife wants to rent a Mondeo, had one years ago suppose they have changed a lot since then? Any comments appreciated!

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    Stunning. Ford needs you more than they need Mullaly.

    I hope someone in Dearborn design is viewing this.

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    God, if the new Mondeo was released like that, and they sold it to us Americans, I would replace my Mercury Mystique with it. I’ve wanted a truck for awhile but that’s a beautiful little car right there.

    There are very few cars I’d say this about, but that Mondeo almost looks masculine and sporting. Good job Avervarii.

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    EGADS… That’s beautiful.

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    Nice work, Andrei,
    The only criticism I have is that these FWD CLS copies look nose-heavy. The Passat CC has the same problem.

    While I think this class of vehicle is attractive, I wonder just how many people have $50K for what is essentially a pretty midsized sedan with less headroom. Is it really worth double what an Accord costs?

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    Andrei, might I recommend a good aesthetics therapist? The Mondeo is a pretty striking design, and I have a tough time thinking of any production vehicle with four doors that resonates so well.

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    Sorry, but I wish people would stop abusing the English language like this.

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    @ seoultrain
    You can get the wallpaper here:

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