TTAC Photochop: Alfa CX-over

Andrei Avarvarii
by Andrei Avarvarii
ttac photochop alfa cx over

It's a car… It's a beauty… It's Cathrine Zeta Jone's jewelry… No, it's the new Alfa Romeo multipurpose crossover always handy sports utility fashion lifestyle vehicle. Why? Because they are planning to take over the world and, apparently, the CX-over is the must-have for such ambition. I imagine the car as a blend of the 2003 Kamal concept (which is more like an SUV) and the 156 SW Q4, freshened up for the expectations of the next decade. The designers at Alfa are well known for sacrificing practicality and functionality for the sake of design; their wagons usually have less trunk space than the sedans. It's interesting to see how are they going to handle this… uh… MUV (MPV meets SUV) that it is intended to be more practical. I imagine another niche being born: the FAV (Fashion Activity Vehicle).

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  • Blowfish Blowfish on May 27, 2008

    Have to say is better late than never, is like saying the Iraqis are welcoming us with open arms.