Tata Enters The Auto X-Prize

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
tata enters the auto x prize

Tata Motors has become the first major automaker to enter the 70-team field competing for the Automotive X-Prize. Having recently announced the development of the world's cheapest car and the purchase of Jaguar and Land Rover, taking on [s]a bunch of guys who would probably be happier at the 24 hours of LeM[/s][s]ons[/s] the uncanny X-Prize is probably just another day's work for Ratan Tata's lads. Of course, credit where credit's due: Tata is not signing up to lap Altamount in a Big Lebowski-themed Grand Torino. According to the requisite press release, Tata will be fielding an EV for the two-passenger, 200-mile range "Alternative" class, and a "Dominant" (serial?) Electric Hybrid in the four-wheel, four-passenger, 200-mile range "Mainstream" class. To win either category, Tata's entries must achieve a minimum 100 mpg, finish the race in first place, and meet numerous other requirements. Sure, as the only major automaker (thus far) to enter the competition, Tata may have a technological leg up on some of its rag-tag competitors. But, as the only team competing with a "win on Sunday, sell on Monday" strategy, Tata also has the most to lose.

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  • AKM AKM on May 16, 2008

    X-prize? Is it asking people for ideas on how to get rid of all those unsold jaguar X-types?