New McLaren Supercar On The Way

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
new mclaren supercar on the way

Autocar reports that British speed merchants McLaren are set to ulneash another of their own-branded supercars. The P11 ('cause an actual name would be way too mnemonic), the new whip is set to debut in 2010. Autocar is quick to point out that the P11 isn't designed to eclipse the previous gold standard (literally) in supercars: the BMW-powered, three-seat-abreast F1. The P11 will offer "just" 550 horsepower from its Mahle-sourced V8. To emphasize the P11's status as a driver's car– as opposed to whatever you'd call the Mercedes McLaren SLR AMG– the company will hang fire on the drop-top Spider version. (Explain?) A subsequent P12 should up the ante with a lighter chassis and a 600hp V10, which may or may not sound like a bag of bolts in a cement mixer at idle. Anyway, it looks like Macky's back in town.

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