Alfa Romeo and Fiat Are Coming to US in 2010. Maybe 2011. Definitely Not 2009

alfa romeo and fiat are coming to us in 2010 maybe 2011 definitely not 2009

Just yesterday I was talking with a petrolhead buddy of mine. I mentioned the only new car on the horizon that I'm personally excited about: the new Fiat 500. And the Ford Flex, but that's another story. Then our conversation bogged down into the usual "Do you like oil on your driveway," "I don't have a driveway," "Hope you have a good mechanic," "What could possibly go wrong?" Italian car conversation. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne is putting my mind at ease. Or not. That's right friends, he could make a decision on when and whether to re-launch Alfa Romeo in the States within the next six months. Part of the confusion is due to our incredible shrinking dollar; to make Alfa work in the US, some of the cars must be built here. And Fiat is in negotiations with various North American companies. The really wonderful news is that Marchionne thinks the 500 will be a "smash hit" here in America. And they'll either build it here, or at one of the existing Fiat plants in South America. Eventually.

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  • CommanderFish CommanderFish on May 29, 2008

    The current rumor is that Chrysler and Fiat are in talks together for US production of Alfas (and maybe Fiats? Details are fuzzy at this point). One possible very exciting scenario is that the Italian cars would be built at the Newark, Deleware plant. This is currently where the Durango and Aspen are built, but this plant is currently planned to be mothballed and all larger SUV production for Chrysler to be shifted to the Jefferson North plant in Detroit where the current Grand Cherokee and Commander are built. So, if Cerberus can get the deal, a 1000+ workers in Newark have a good chance to keep their job.

  • KrisT KrisT on May 29, 2008
    yournamehere the problem with a small car with roughly 100hp is traffic over here moves much faster then in europe. The average traffic speeds on UK motorways are typically between 80-100 mph with plenty of forays over that. I find it hard to believe people in the US drive faster than that on public highways. I used to quite happily sit at 85-90 in my 1ltr fiat panda with the odometer registering 160,000 miles on the original engine and box which I suppose says something for its toughness. As you said the fuel consumption of even a small car is poor at high speeds. But even at 85-90 it was still doing 31-35mpg which I thought was piss poor although it seems to be considered quite good here.

  • KrisT KrisT on May 29, 2008

    yournamehere Traffic speeds in the UK at least are typically between 80-100 mph on a motorway. And thats everything with 4 wheels not just expensive cars.

  • KrisT KrisT on May 29, 2008

    yournamehere Traffic speeds on motorways in the UK are typically between 80-100. And that everything with four wheels not just the expensive cars.