Volt Birth Watch 38: Sex, Lies and Videotape (well, Maybe Two Out of Three…)

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer

Since Bob Lutz revealed the Volt concept that made the rounds at the auto shows is more aerodynamically efficient going backwards than forwards, we've known there was much work to be done in the wind tunnel (and no, we don't mean the marketing depatment). CBS auto beat reporter Jeff Gilbert got a look inside the Volt development center, and brings us some of the first images of a camouflaged one-third scale model of what just might be the production Volt. Gilbert doesn't think the model is "all that exciting," saying it looks like little more than a Pontiac G6 or (inexplicably) a Chevy Camaro. But lack of enthusiasm for the mock-up doesn't mean Gilbert won't regurgitate GM's lies marketing playbook verbatim, incredulously spouting such obvious untruths as the long-abandoned $30k pricetag. In fact the "GM wants to sell 100k Volts at $30k by 2010" pablum comes immediately after GM's chief engineer for hybrid electric vehicle programs refuses to say that things look good for the 2010 goal. "Well, it's very clear what our target is, and leadership has asked us 'what do you need to make it happen?' and we have not been turned down once," says the sultan of sliderules. Gosh, that sounds like the development process of every $30k car, doesn't it?

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  • George Labrador George Labrador on Apr 07, 2008

    It really only a Snow Job by GM, such a shame that this old Company would try to film flam the Public! One more thing, no one has thought of how much Hydro (Electricity) would be needed and at what cost to recharge the Battery on the Volt! Something to think about for all future endevors!

  • Bozoer Rebbe Bozoer Rebbe on Apr 07, 2008

    It's been said that we generate enough unused electricity at night keeping the generators spooling to meet most of our transportation needs.