Saleen Celebrates Silver Anniversary

William C Montgomery
by William C Montgomery
saleen celebrates silver anniversary

Saleen Inc. hits the quarter century mark next year, and they're already celebrating. At the Dallas Auto Show today they unveiled the "Sterling" edition of their S302 Extreme. The Sterling edition is limited to a production run of 25 vehicles and will be mechanically identical to the "standard" S302 Extreme — if "standard" can be used to describe a Mustang with a supercharged 5.0L engine pumping out 620hp and 600 lb-ft of torque with accompanying upgrades of everything. The Sterling adds a special silver paint, unique wheels and an upgraded interior featuring "couture" leather. Each of the 25 purchasers will be flown to Detroit where' they'll receive the royal treatment and receive a photo book showing every step involved in "birthing" their baby. It can be yours for just $20k over the price of the plebeian S302 Extreme– a mere $101,545. Now, if all our readers would just send me one dollar each…

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  • Frontline Frontline on Apr 02, 2008

    My favorite new sports car: Saleen Raptor

  • JJ JJ on Apr 03, 2008
    My favorite new sports car: Saleen Raptor Now that looks like a great car...the S5S Raptor. It didn't get any coverage on TTAC yet did it? Shame because it is looking like the best US car effort in years/decades, although, there are no pics of the interior plastics/design yet which could mess everything up again.

  • Ricky Spanish Ricky Spanish on Apr 03, 2008

    Saleen cars make me want to puke - they're uniformly disgusting. At least Roush doesn't look ridiculous, and they do some nice suspension mods.

  • Mud Mud on Apr 03, 2008

    uh oh a LIMITED PRODUCTION RUN, better call Barrett-Jackson!