RWD Scion TC Coming?

Glenn Swanson
by Glenn Swanson
rwd scion tc coming

According to Nihon Car, the Scion tC "is one of those boring 2 door coupé made for the U.S. market and powered… with only 161hp, pretty lame both in and out." Now that we have that less than flattering (if accurate) assessment out of the way, Nihon Car reveals that Scion has "succeeded at stunning us this morning" by unveiling "its gorgeous Formula Drift version" of the tC. Exhaust and suspension manufacturer RS*R created this monster, which shares its platform with Toyota's Japanese-market Avensis and Caldina cars (i.e. it's been converted to rear-wheel drive). Blessed with a turbo and intercooler, the engine now offers more than 400hp. Twenty-one-year-old Ken Gushi will helm the modded Scion in U.S. Grand Prix Professional Drift events. Could an RWD tC be coming to a Scion dealer near you? "At this time we do not have confirmed plans to produce a tC rear wheel drive, but a lot of people will want to take one home," says company VP Jack Hollis. Ya think?

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  • Steven Lang Steven Lang on Apr 10, 2008

    Scion Celica would do just fine...

  • Nwahs Nwahs on Nov 16, 2008

    tc stands for toyota celica, right?

  • Bpv417tc Bpv417tc on Dec 11, 2008

    "tc stands for toyota celica, right?" Tc stands for touring coupe according to toyota it would have been called the Xc except for the fact volvo already claimed that name (ie xc70) altho the tc came out the same year toyota got rid of the celica so a lot of people think that it replace it. "So in other words RS*R, swap out the motor and threw in a 3rd generation 3sgte that is found in the Caldina and converted to RWD. Pretty interesting, hopefully they can bring back the 3sgte to the states…" actually they used a BEAMS 3sge and turboed it due to oiling problems cause by changing the layout of the 3sgte out of the mr2 or celica all-trac. =] yes i'm a toyota nerd

  • Drifto Drifto on Feb 09, 2009

    OMG a car like that will sell, I know I would buy one in a second trust me on this one toyota... people will love to have a RWD scion. After you put a car like that on the market the name *Toyota* will sky rocket!!