Life's a Gas: The Return of the Mustang 5.0

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
lifes a gas the return of the mustang 5 0 has been keeping their ears to the ground for some time now, listening for whispers of the rebirth of the 5.0 Mustang. Although they couldn't get Ford USA to spill the beans, they have found proof from Ford Australia that US development and production of a 5.0-liter V8 is indeed in the works. Ford Australia boss Bill Osborne let the 5.0 development hint slip when discussing the new Ford Falcon with Osborne revealed that Ford Australia was debating whether to keep the current Aussie-produced 5.4-liter BOSS V8 for new, hot Falcons, or replace it with a "5.0-litre V8 to be developed and built in North America for the Ford Mustang." While the Aussies dream of turbo- or supercharging the 5.0, it's likely to sell stateside only in it's naturally-aspirated 350 – 375 hp form. CAW President Buzz Hargrove had hinted earlier that a 5.0 V8 could be produced at Canada's Windsor Ontario plant. So it looks like high-school 5.0 dreams may come true for the few latter day pistonheads who can afford the gas.

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  • on Apr 21, 2008
    TriShield: Except that people don’t buy muscle cars for their fuel consumption, they buy them for power and style first and foremost. Buy a Focus or four cylinder Fusion if you want a fuel sipper. people just won't but the damn thing. People can handle afford to drive to work, let along a mediocre "sports" car. High gas prices will be the end for cars like the Mustang.

  • Blunozer Blunozer on Apr 21, 2008

    I'm sure Vanilla Ice is waiting on this with baited breath. If the "Five-point-oh" makes a comeback, maybe he can too!

  • Thoots Thoots on Apr 22, 2008

    Well, this kind of gets back to one of the stupidest things I think the domestics ever did: Ditching the good old Cubic Inch. Goodbye 409. Goodbye 327. Goodbye 427. Goodbye 289. Goodbye 454. And so on. Yep, just toss your history down the toilet, and wonder why nobody cares about your cars anymore. I truly think they created a significant disconnect with the buying public when they "went metric," in name only....

  • Gunit Gunit on Apr 22, 2008

    I presume this is an ohc sized to 5.0. The ohv 5.0 was much smaller and less expensive to produce. I liked the idea of single and twin ohc's when they came out, but Chevy has done awfully well with their old 350.