Fired Chrysler IT Worker: Indian Outsourcing Puts Production At Risk

Robert Farago
by Robert Farago

After Rob Diel read a D etroit Free Press article about the automaker's Indian outsourcing, the Chrysler contract information technology worker posted CEO Bob Nardelli's telephone number and email address in the comments section. It wasn't long before the suits descended on Diel's desk. "They said unlock your laptop and come with us," Diel told TTAC. "When they show up doing that, it's not a good thing." Today's Free Press says "Diel, who expected to lose his job at the end of May, said he made several postings on the Web site under the name 'Chryslerworker,' including: 'Boycott Chrysler. If Chrysler is going to screw all the American workers, than (sic) it is only fair that America screws Chrysler. E-mail Nardelli and tell him what a great job he is doing.'" The Freep has since removed Nardelli's information. Meanwhile, Diel says Chrysler's Indian IT operators wouldn't know how to respond effectively to a glitch in the company's production computers, increasing the likelihood of delays. Diel also says morale in his former department is "just horrible… Nobody cares about doing anything. People are just wandering around; they just go for walks and stuff 'cause it's just so depressing." BTW: you can contact Mr. Diel at [apologies for the low audio levels]

Robert Farago
Robert Farago

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  • OldandSlow OldandSlow on Apr 14, 2008

    At a CO-OP board meeting during the 1970's I suggested that the workers should be able to vote on the CEO's pay package. The suggestion got me fired. The truth is Bob Nardelli doesn't care about out-sourced jobs as long he gets his pay package.

  • Rob_Diel Rob_Diel on Apr 14, 2008

    Hello, This is Rob Diel. Agree or disagree with me, The point I was making was outsourcing is wrong and bad for America. Granted posting Nardelli's email was a mistake (funny) but a mistake. My job was ending (outsourced) in another month anyway. At least now Nardelli knows that there is at least one little guy that got to express his opinion. Being unemployed is no fun but my voice was heard. I don't regret that. I just can't understand why there has not been an uproar when these companies outsource American jobs. Maybe the company gould make a profit if they didn't fire the CEO and pay him over 200 million for doing a bad job. Just a thought. Like I said agree or disagree with me, I was frustrated by what was going on and wanted to have my voice heard. It was heard and now I am looking for a new job.

  • Quasimondo Quasimondo on Apr 14, 2008

    Best of luck to you, Mr. Diel.

  • Blautens Blautens on Apr 14, 2008

    Mr. Diel - Kudos to you for your posting. As an IT worker, I used to insure my job with the Internet and email logs from work (we apparently hire from NAMBLA forums), but then I decided if I got outsourced, it's really a good thing. I've never, ever, ever, changed jobs (whether willingly or not) and not landed a better one, quickly. Good luck - I'm sure you'll be okay.