BMW X6 Marketing: "What is It? What Isn't It?"

bmw x6 marketing what is it what isnt it

A sports car? An economy car? A pickup truck? A genuine off-roader? A soup ladle? The reincarnation of an '87 AMC Eagle? Oh wait, maybe the last one. Anyway, the official pre-ad campaign press release reveals that Spartanberg's finest– the X6 "SportyActivity Coupe" — is about to get the Star Wars Episode IV "A New Hope" treatment. The company will project a holographic image of Bimmer's new [s]car[/s] [s]truck[/s] SAC in the lobby of four prominent Wall Street enclaves (so to speak), complete with the message "You must see this droid safely delivered to Alderaan." The ad agency that devised this hi-tech, what's the word? Solution, clearly understands the vehicle's WTF factor. "The BMW X6 doesn't look like anything BMW has ever produced — you have to see it to believe it," said Duff Stewart, President and COO of GSD&M Idea City. "Our goal was to put this amazing vehicle in front of its best prospects and stop them in their tracks." How come those ad guys never say "and buy it?" BTW: BMW says the X6 is "Coupe's evil twin."

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  • Joshvar Joshvar on Apr 29, 2008

    Jonny: I hunger for the review :) I figured I'd see a 135i first in these parts (since I see 3 V10 BMWs daily on my commute), but I had to do a triple was really, really stubby looking. Really. Stubby. Stumpy. Stimpy. OK, I'll stop.

  • Landcrusher Landcrusher on Apr 29, 2008

    It's a luxury dune buggy, of course. Why can't you all see it? ;)

  • Whatdoiknow1 Whatdoiknow1 on Apr 29, 2008

    There is defeniitely something wrong when a car company that is supposed to have a clear well defined mission has produced and brought to market a vehicle that they themsleves are incapable of successfully classifing. THe BMW X6 brings to mind far too many negative adjectives than any product from a so-called prestigious brand should. For the X6 to succeed BMW is relying on folks believing this thing is "Cool" or "Funky" without any thought of "Serious". The X6 is NOT a proper sports sedan nor is it a proper SUV, nor is it a real 4x4. What the X6 amounts to a is a silly oxymoronic fantasy for dudes that are actually so "un-cool" that they do not realize they look like a "d--khead" driving this thing. What is it, and what does it say about the driver/ owner; You can't be a real driving enthusiast in this jack-up boulevard queen and you surely are not an off-road ensthuiaist. You really aint doing much Home Depot runs in this thing and it is obvious that you do transport more than maybe one passanger any great distance. THe X6 is th eequivalent of a European Escalade. Somethings just have that effect of "trying too hard", and the X6 is definately one of those things. This is the type of car that is driven by those guys with $6000 mountian, $5000 cameras, $10,000 computers, but do not know how to use them.

  • Jason Jason on Apr 30, 2008

    I know what it isn't. It isn't a coupe! A coupe has 2 doors. I don't care that Mercedes calls their 4 door a coupe as well.