24 Hrs. of LeMons: Mehta's Lemon-Aid

Sajeev Mehta
by Sajeev Mehta
24 hrs of lemons mehta s lemon aid

Rockabilly's in my blood and somewhere the late, great Charlie Ryan is smiling down on us. Man, they won't know what hit them, 'cause that Lincoln body makes it "look like a pup." Its true, after scoring a wrecked 1995 Mustang GT in the junkyard. And why not? This pacified Pony Car had the perfect upgrade for a Hot Rod Lincoln eager to stomp on a certain Audi 4000 run by Captain Mike Solowiow: a Tremec T-5 transmission. And yes Mr. Lieberman, its true! V8 Volvos shake in fear, as Dearborn's finest offers a Fox body slushbox conversion sans the (LeMons crippling) cost of a new driveshaft. The price of such pleasure? All of $65 at Pick-A-Part's half price sale, including a decent flywheel, clutch and cables. And it's precisely why you'll rarely see me shoe shopping, but I'm always down for a boneyard run.

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