Union Alleges Unfair Labor Practices at Ontario Toyota Plant

Frank Williams
by Frank Williams
union alleges unfair labor practices at ontario toyota plant

According to The Financial Post, The International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAM) is accusing Toyota of "unduly influencing employees to vote against a union in a certification vote." In a complaint filed Monday with the Ontario Labour Relations Board, the union says Toyota Canada is distributing anti-union documents to employees and putting "vote no" signs inside the plant where they build the Corolla, Matrix and Lexus RX350. The move is largely seen as saber-rattling ahead of this Thursday's unionization vote. The stakes couldn't be higher. If the IAM gets its foot in the proverbial door, Cambridge will be ToMoCo's first wholly-owned unionized North American plant. Thin end of the wedge? An excuse to slowly shift production out of Canada? Or yet another thwarted attempt to infiltrate the world's largest automaker's NA ops? We should know by week's end. Meanwhile, Automotive News [sub] reports that workers at two Johnson Controls factories (Alabama and Mississippi) rejected the United Auto Workers' [UAW] efforts to unionize the workforce. It's a major defeat for the UAW; Johnson is the fourth largest U.S.-based automotive parts supplier.

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  • Menno Menno on Mar 18, 2008

    bluecon wrote "Unions really dislike secret ballot voting.." Interestingly enough, fascists and communists also dislike secret ballot voting. Or ballots with more than one choice, for that matter. After seeing the social and political changes over the past 75 years, one has to start to wonder if unions are relevant any more. There are now laws in place to prevent underpaying people, abusing them at work, etc. What valid purpose do unions now accomplish for the workers? Increasingly, the workers who actually have some choice in this question are responding with "none" since much of the time, they vote down union representation.

  • on Mar 18, 2008
    "Interestingly enough, fascists and communists also dislike secret ballot voting. Or ballots with more than one choice, for that matter." We have a local autoworker site (autoworker.net) and many of the union posters are unabashadely pro-communist.
  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Mar 18, 2008

    Fine they vote in the union and Toyota will close the plant sooner rather than later. How obvious does it need to be for the employees? Toyota pays what they pay and they offer the benefits that they do - if a person doesn't like the money and benefits they ought to go find something else to bring home the paycheck... You can't strangle your employer and expect to have a job decade after decade. Let me rephrase that, you can't do that today with cheaper labor just over the border or across the ocean when transportation costs are still low enough to enable a company to just ship parts around. Rather than be greedy, work towards long term survival b/c once the Chinese start selling cars in North America, it's going to really hurt the domestics and the transplants alike. These folks ought to work with management and management ought to work with their employees to make a better product. Yes there is greed at the top and the bottom.

  • Buttgoblin707 Buttgoblin707 on Dec 25, 2008

    When unions started they did good but now they are corrupt and ruining the american auto industry, every time unions go on strike and demand to get more pay they get laid off several months later. It is like communism, it works good for a while, but then the foundation crumbles from underneath it. I dont blame toyota for not wanting to unionize. It would mean less jobs for america because robots are cheaper than hiring union help. They can make 10000 robots and increase production, quality etc and just hire a handfull of people to service the machines. American car companys also remind me too much of British leyland in the 70s always on strike and making a inferior product. and all the hybrid and electric cars have too many problems, its like chevy had all their eggs in one basket with the volt, so far it looks disasterous, and dont forget the Tesla spend 90k to save on gas and have a car that breaks or runs out of juice. it doesnt help they based the tesla on a lotus elise, a expensive car to begin with, the only way you can save money in usa with a new car is to buy a disposable vehicle like a kia or hyundai, If china starts selling cars in usa cheap enough to throw away well really be screwed, and china already makes little scooters and dirt bikes that are so cheap you throw them away rather than service them. just walk into any pep boys store.