UAW: Chrysler Unlikely To Meet Buyout Goal

Edward Niedermeyer
by Edward Niedermeyer
uaw chrysler unlikely to meet buyout goal

Reuters reports that United Auto Workers Veep General (no relation) Holifield predicts that Chrysler's employee buyout program will fall short of its 10k goal. That said, Holifield reckons the union will have a better picture of how many employees will take the offer "in a few weeks." Meanwhile, surprise! He suggested management should improve the buyout terms if it wants to make the 10k buyout goal laid out in its turnaround plan. Holifield did not indicate just how stupid employees would feel if they took a buyout now, only to have the offer improve later. The union boss did reveal that the union is in talks with Chrysler in an attempt to keep the company's Durango/Aspen SUV plant in Newark, DE open. "As long as that plant's running, there is hope. We never say die." Hey, isn't that the New Chrysler motto?

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