Nissan Mexico Slows Production

nissan mexico slows production

As the "R"-word unfolds and American car demand plummets, Nissan will be idling Mexican production of its Versa and Sentra models. Reuters reports that the Nissan factory at Aguascalientes was shuttered last Friday, and will remain offline for seven days this month. The plant built an average of 26,000 vehicles per month last year, but will scale back work relative to American demand. Automobile manufacture is a mainstay of Mexico's industrial sector, and weakness in American car sales are expected to have a major impact on the Mexican economy. Although Mexican production grew rapidly in the first quarter of this year despite sluggish demand, plant idlings can be expected throughout the rest of the year, as the American economy goes through what is expected to be a particularly rough patch. Of course, if you own a ' 98 model year vehicle, you might still be able to get a factory trade-in…

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  • Menno Menno on Mar 31, 2008

    Quick! Call Chryslerebrus and see if they want some badge-engineered Sentras! I bet they have some NEON badges stashed away somewhere....

  • Johnster Johnster on Mar 31, 2008

    The Sentra and Versa are ugly! And the Continuously-Variable automatic transmission weirds people out.

  • Turbo G Turbo G on Apr 01, 2008

    Many Mexican production facilities were closed over portions of the last two weeks for Semana Santa. It like a spring break but for the whole country!

  • Joeaverage Joeaverage on Apr 01, 2008

    The Versa gets 30-32 mpg. What's to complain about? Thats' good mileage considering we are talking the new and reduced mileage figures. I'd rather have 35+ mpg of course. It prob did get 35+ mpg before the EPA revised it's test methods. We like it and plan on considering it for a replacement vehicle. Carry four people, lay down the seats and carry stuff. Cool. At least it isn't some huge enourmous vehicle that gets 14 mpg and I have to drive it year round when I only need it's size twice a year.