James Bond Is Stoked: Aston Martin V12 Vantage RS Cometh

james bond is stoked aston martin v12 vantage rs cometh

I suppose the biggest problem with naming a car "V8" is that the moniker becomes moot when you stuff a V12 beneath the bonnet. Other than that, the V12 Vantage RS looks to be perfect. The numbers are unclear, but as the engine is closer to the DBR9 racer than the DBS, power should be in the 600 horsepower neighborhood. Which means 60 mph happens in (about) four seconds and a top speed of oh, let's just say 190 mph. The price is equally bracing. Motor Authority claims the V12 Vantage RS will cost more than the $265k DBS. Stop the presses! The smaller car from a sportscar maker is the most powerful, fastest and most expensive? And all this time we thought Farago's pleas for a stonkin' Cayman motor have been falling on deaf Porsche ears. Turns-out our Aston Martin's been listening (as if). Those who are about to fly salute you. As a life long Astonphile, I'm salivating over this sucker. There are only two cars I routinely pine for: the Veyron and a Se7en. Make that three, assuming this car happens.

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  • USAFMech USAFMech on Mar 14, 2008

    Holy smokes. It's great to finally see a manufacturer have [earmuffs] BALLS [/earmuffs]. I miss my big blocks, Gruppe B, et al.

  • Frontline Frontline on Mar 14, 2008

    Thanks Jonny ....I think the the AM Vantage Aston is the best looking Aston to date. At minimum , it is at least as good looking as the 60`s Zagato Aston.

  • Dean Dean on Mar 14, 2008

    Jonny, I thought you were pining for the RS4. I guess that's yesterday's news now?

  • Jonny Lieberman Jonny Lieberman on Mar 14, 2008

    Dean: Great car, but when I close my eyes, I see a Se7en. And when I engage my brain, I see a Veyron. Don't get me wrong -- no RS4 gets kicked out of my bed.