Georgia Seizes Three Gas Stations for Alleged Cheating

Glenn Swanson
by Glenn Swanson
georgia seizes three gas stations for alleged cheating

WTLV reports that Georgia state inspectors discovered that all three gas stations at the Camden County Cisco Travel Plazas (off of I-95) have been shortchanging their customers for the last eight years. A superior court judge ordered an attorney (yes, a lawyer) to take over the stations' management and seize any profits. District Attorney Stephen Kelley says the dramatic steps were taken "without warning- so no one could spend it away or hide it." While Kelley admits that "juries might have to decide who's innocent and who's not," he points out that one of the former station owners has a history of rolling back odometers. Another former owner, yet to be located, "missed a court appearance in Missouri this week." If the state finds that the stations cheated customers, Kelley hopes the seized assets can be converted into "massive" refunds. And if not?

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  • The Comedian The Comedian on Mar 13, 2008

    Wanted for questioning - Earl Hickey.

  • Dwford Dwford on Mar 13, 2008

    Yes, because gas station owners are all billionaires. I'm sure those massive refunds will be about $2.44 per customer.

  • L47_V8 L47_V8 on Mar 13, 2008
    dwford : March 13th, 2008 at 9:47 am Yes, because gas station owners are all billionaires. I’m sure those massive refunds will be about $2.44 per customer. Well, after you take out the 65% attorney fees and miscellaneous taxes, the settlement will probably amount to pocket change for each customer. Class-action suits are made by and for law firms, and nobody else.

  • Yankinwaoz Yankinwaoz on Mar 13, 2008

    There was a similar case in LA a while back. The fuel stations had installed a hidden switch that controlled the pump. When the LA County Weights and Measures truck shows up to test and certify the pumps, the manager would switch the pumps to "normal" mode. As soon as they were gone, they switch the pumps back to "cheat" mode. It took an undercover investigation to catch them in the act. That, and a couple of clerks came forward to testify about the switch they have to use when Weights and Measures showed up.